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2010 Football Roster

Drew Rossetti

Video Coordinator

Andrew Rossetti is in his second year as coordinator of video operations for the Blue Raider football program. Rossetti became just the second full-time video coordinator at Middle Tennessee when he was hired in August 2009.

The Delray Beach, Florida, native made his way to Murfreesboro after spending 2008 at Washington State University as a video assistant.

Rossetti is in charge of weekly motivational highlight tapes for the football program, and assists in scoreboard productions for basketball and special events held in the Murphy Center. His other duties with the football program consist of setting up meeting rooms at the hotel during home and away games, making highlight tapes for NFL draft prospects, and handling all video for the coaches' meetings on a daily basis.

His team also makes sure that all practices are filmed and broken down by offense, defense, and kicking game, for the coaches to look at after practice.

One of the highlights of his first year was Middle Tennessee's win in the New Orleans Bowl, which was also a major operation. Rossetti and his staff literally moved their entire operation to the headquarters hotel in New Orleans. Internet cable, about 1,200 feet in all, was strung from the server to each of the eight rooms used by the respective position coaches. All practices there were videoed, and each coach got his own section. They could also call up any of Middle Tennessee's previous games or practices or any of Southern Miss's games.

Rossetti's busiest night during football season is the night after a game. No matter where the game is played, he and his staff of four interns break down the game video and have it ready when the coaches come in early the next morning. He also sends it by Internet to the Blue Raiders' next opponent, as well as all Sun Belt schools for conference games. He then downloads all of the opponents' videos.

A comprehensive video library is another area that Rossetti is in charge of maintaining. Videos of every conference game from the year before are saved on DVD in case a coach wants to refer to it.

Before his venture into college football, Rossetti was the cofounder of his own company, PSI recruiting films. While at PSI, Rossetti created video packages for prep athletes looking to get into college and the NFL. It started in south Florida, primarily in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties, and quickly spread to other parts of the country. It was so successful that it branched out to basketball and lacrosse.

Rossetti was also responsible for all marketing, media plans, and networking nationwide. While at PSI, Rossetti worked with NFL greats Cris Carter, Ricky Jackson, and Don Shula.

Rossetti earned his degree in mass media communications from Florida State University in 2005. Rossetti is single and resides in Murfreesboro.