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2010-2011 Men's Golf Roster

Michael Wilson

Golf Performance Coordinator

Michael Wilson is in his third year as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for both the men and women's golf teams at Middle Tennessee.

Wilson, a native of Nashville and a graduate of Father Ryan High School, began his career at Middle Tennessee in August of 2008.

Initially, Wilson was helping with the football program full-time, but when an opening came up for the golf teams, Wilson immediately made the jump and the move has worked out well.

Although it was quite a bit different from football, Wilson enjoys adding golf to his duty list. He and Coach Whit Turnbow discovered a program that is put on by Titleist through their Performance Institute. It was a program based on years of research in how best to train golfers, and offered certification to take the course.

Wilson now has two levels of certification, with one more to go. He has learned specific things that golfers need to do to have a perfect swing, and to add more power to their swing. Analyzing the swings of each golfer, and showing them how to correct it is one of the many areas he specializes in for the Blue Raiders.

"Michael Wilson has turned our strength and conditioning program into something that is sought-after by other programs around the country," said Coach Whit Turnbow. "Other coaches are calling me all the time to see what we are doing.

"He has completed two levels in the Titleist Performance Institute certification process and is one of four in the country that works with a golf team that is certified on the second level. He has done a tremendous job in taking our strength and conditioning program to what I consider to be one of the best in the country."

He also deals with equipment, and how to use it properly. He talks to the golfers about food and nutrition, right down to what they should and should not eat prior to a match, and also during a match.

Wilson instructs the golfers in how to lift weights correctly, so that they are getting the most out of what they are doing.

"If Coach Turnbow sees something that needs to be improved, such as a swing, or strength to hit the ball farther, he can tell us what he wants, and we can do it," said Wilson.

Wilson began his collegiate career at Georgia Southern, and worked under Tom Melton. When he graduated and started job hunting, Melton told him to call Russell Patterson at Middle Tennessee, who was looking for some help in strength and conditioning. Patterson hired Wilson for football, and golf was added to his duties in August of 2008.

Wilson is pleased with how well the golfers have responded to the new program. Despite initially being hesitant to try the new program, it has now been fully accepted and embraced by both teams.

"We have definitely seen improvement, especially in attitudes. The guys come in now and they want to work," said Wilson. "Once they realized that this program had the full support of Coach Turnbow, they bought into it immediately. Now, they really get after it and you can tell by their play on the course."