The Role of Athletic Compliance

The two main functions of the Athletic Compliance Office are to educate and monitor. The compliance office meets regularly with coaches and student-athletes to provide information and materials on the applications of the complexities of the NCAA Bylaws and at the same time provides as much information as possible to the MTSU community. The compliance office also monitors functions of the athletic department that are governed by NCAA legislation.

The Athletic Compliance Office works to identify and reduce areas of risk within the athletic program that could negatively impact Middle Tennessee State University. If a problem arises, it is the responsibility of the Athletic Compliance Office to determine how the problem occurred, how it could have been prevented and how to reduce the chances of it occurring in the future.

A misconception about the role of the Athletic Compliance Office is that because Middle Tennessee State University has an athletic compliance office, no problems will occur. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Many people are involved in the operation of an athletic program who make decisions daily that affect the program positively or negatively. Just as having a fire station does not stop fires from occurring, a compliance office cannot stop all violations from occurring within an athletic program.

All components within an athletic program must work together and each function properly, effectively and efficiently to insure compliance. It must be a shared responsibility. Each person interested in Middle Tennessee State University athletics assists the athletic program by knowing and complying with NCAA rules. For more information, please contact the Middle Tennessee State University Athletic Compliance Office.

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  Booster's, Alumni, and Fans

         Booster, Faculty, Staff Guide to NCAA Rules
         Do's and Don'ts with Current Student-Athletes
         Do's and Don'ts with Prospective Student-Athletes
         Important Definitions
         Promotional Activities Policies
         Promotional Activities Request Form
         Q & A for Employers
         SA Employment Form

  Prospective Student-Athletes and Parents

         Requesting Final Amateurism Certification

  Current Student-Athletes

         2012-2013 Student-Athlete Handbook
         Agent Q&A
         Outside Competition
         Professional Drafts
         Representing Outside Teams
         SA Employment Form
         SA Grievance and Appeals Process
         Student-Athlete Fee For Lesson Form


        Camps and Clinics
             2013 Post Camp-Clinic Forms
             2013 Pre Camp-Clinic Forms
             Middle Tennessee Camp-Clinic Manual
        Coaching Staff Employment
             Actual Received Outside Income Form
             Basketball Coach Declaration Form
             Football Coach Declaration Form
             Golf and Tennis Coach Declaration Form
             Outside Income Form - Prior Approval
             Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball Coach Declaration Form
             Track and Field-Cross Country Coach Declaration Form
        Extra Benefits
             Occasional Meal - Approval Form
        Financial Aid
             NLI Request 2014-15
             Voluntary Relinquishment of Financial Aid Form
             Coaches Certification-International Amateur Status
             International Flowchart for Scholarship Request
             International PSA Statement of Inactivity Form
             International Student-Athlete Historical Questionnaire
             NCAA Amateurism-International Team Statement-Questionnaire
        Official and Unofficial Visits
             Official Visit Approval Form
             Official Visit Expense Form
             Official Visit Prospect-Declaration
             Student-Athlete Host Instructions
             Unofficial Visit Form
        Playing Season
             Playing and Practice Season Declaration Form
             Recruit Services Form
             Speaking Engagement Approval Form
        Roster Management
             Addition to Roster Form
             TryOut-WalkOn Form - Football
             TryOut-WalkOn Form
             Withdrawal from Roster Form


         Athletic Agent Meeting Standards
         Player-Agent Registration Form
         State of Tennessee Athlete Agent Permit Renewal
         State of Tennessee Athletic Agent Registration Application
         State of Tennessee Uniform Athlete Agent Act

  MTSU Compliance Newsletters

         1110 October 2011
         1202 February 2012
         1203 March 2012
         1204 April 2012
         1205 May 2012
         1209 September 2012
         1210 October 2012
         1211 November 2012
         1212 December 2012
         1301 January 2013
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  NCAA Education

         Awards and Benefits
         Strength and Conditioning

  Athletic Department Policies

         Emergency Manual
         Policies and Procedures Manual