Camp Notebook #7

August 13, 2002 · MT Media Relations
(following today's practice on Aug. 13)

MCCOLLUM ON TODAY'S PRACTICE:"We had defensive guys flying around the football today and I liked seeing that. It was a very spirited and physical practice. I was also happy with some of the plays our offense was making. Our goal line work got pretty heated today, but that is a place you can't hide. We always preach how we do not want any pretenders on our football team, and today's play was very encouraging. I saw some guys exploding off the ball and making plays. For a head coach, though, it is hard to be completely happy. If one side of the ball does well, then you are happy about them, but at the same time you are not very pleased with the other side of the ball."

MCCOLLUM ON WALK-ON PUNTER COLBY SMITH:"Colby is a great kid and we are fortunate to have him in our system. He will be a good player for this football team and maybe sooner than later. He has really provided a challenge for Robert Billings, which only helps our football team." Smith, who has consistently been booming 45-yard punts, played for Franklin High School last year in Franklin, TN.

DWONE HICKS ON PRACTICE: "We are definitely ready for the season to get underway. It has been a long summer. We are getting to the point where we are tired of playing against each other, and we want to play someone else. It's like this every year at this point in camp. You just get tired of beating on your teammates." DWONE HICKS ON ALABAMA GAME: "My good old home, it is going to be nice to be in Alabama. There will be a lot of friends and family at the game. It's going to be another game where we just go out and have to play at our highest level. It will be a great challenge."

DWONE HICKS ON HIS INJURY: "I feel pretty good. It does make me a little mad, though when I see areas where I can help the team, but I cannot get on the field. Hopefully I will not be watching much longer. I feel like I am at 100 percent right now. I am just waiting for the trainers to release me."

STEVE CAMPBELL ON OFFENSIVE LINE: "I thought yesterday afternoon they came out and competed well and had a good afternoon practice. We did a lot better in the inside run part of the drill than we did in the team part of the drill, but they came back and played hard. I thought this morning in the inside run they came back and played hard. We didn't have a great team period. So right now, we are doing better in the group run against the defensive line and haven't done as well in the team drills. Overall, I'm pleased. The guys are giving a good effort. We just have to keep raising it up a notch."

STEVE CAMPBELL ON OFFENSIVE LINE REPS: "We are trying to get a lot of young guys ready. Maybe some guys that were on the travel team last year, but probably didn't get a lot of playing time can step up and be major contributors for us this year. It is good to have some good older players back who have a lot of game experience. The key is to find balance between getting those guys ready to play and the guys behind them ready to play." STEVE CAMPBELL ON OFFENSIVE LINE DEPTH: "Bill Brasch has come on at center. He is going to be able to help there behind Glen Elarbee. Josh Willoughby has really come on and is playing well. Brandon Parker has been doing some nice things for us. I have been real pleased with Brett Trott, the local Oakland High School product. There are quite a few of the young guys that are stepping up, which is what I was hoping would happen at this point in camp."

TODAY'S INTERVIEWS:Tony Stinnett of the Daily News Journal talked with Andy McCollum, linebacker Randy Arnold, offensive coordinator Steve Campbell, linebackers coach Kevin Fouquier, and running back Dwone Hicks. Russ Oates, a writer for the Associated Press, came down to interview Hicks, Brandon Westbrook, Sheldon Durham, and Head Coach Andy McCollum. Hicks also conducted a phone interview with Mike Kuchar from ESPN Magazine.

SOUTHERN SPORTS TONIGHT:The nightly radio show called "Southern Sports Tonight" will broadcast live from campus on Friday, August 16 from 5-8 PM. The show, formerly known as "Conference Call", is on over 130 stations throughout the south. Scott McKinney and Max Howell are hosts on the show. Locally, the show can be heard on Sports56 (560 AM). To listen over the web log onto www.southernsportstonight.com. FAN DAY:Fan Day is set for August 17 from Noon - 2 PM at Floyd Stadium. Blue Raider fans will have the opportunity to grab autographs from all the coaches and players, while also being able to snap a photo with members of the Blue Raider family. An autograph poster will be provided. The Bunny Bread Mountain slide will be available to all the kids, while the University will give away FREE Hormel hot dogs and cokes.

TIDBITS: Quarterback Andrico Hines did not participate in the last 20 minutes of practice this morning due to a sore right throwing arm - Season tickets are available by calling 1-888-Yes-MTSU.

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