Q&A with Senior Theresa Slowik

Senior talks about role on the team and expectations

July 27, 2006 · MT Media Relations

Anticipation for the upcoming season.

"I think we are all just really excited about getting back into it and starting to play. I think we are all ready to play, especially after the spring season we had."

How important was it for the team to play a spring season this year?

"It was really important. It helped us a lot because it allowed us play more as a team and work together. We ended up the spring 8-0 and the teams that we played were really good."

The increased difficulty of the schedule.

"This last season we ended up 28-4 and three of the four losses were to Western Kentucky. I think even though we may not end up with the same amount of wins this season playing the tougher teams will get us ready for conference play and the tournament."

Do you always remember not getting into the NCAA in 2005 and knowing you have to win the Sun Belt Tournament to be guaranteed a berth into the NCAA?

"I think we all have that memory stuck in our head. Each and every one of us has looked at the tape of that final game with Western Kentucky in the Sun Belt Tournament finals and we know some of the things we needed to work on and we have done that in the spring and summer."

Importance of core players returning for 2006 and the addition of the newcomers.

"This should definitely be the strongest team we have had since I have been here, because there is no reason for us not to be stronger then what we have been. This is the last chance for our four seniors to win conference and it is time to put everything on the line. We have a great group of players and some phenomenal freshmen coming in and I think we are all on the same page in respects to what we want to accomplish and that just makes it really exciting for the upcoming season."

Importance of each player having a role and doing it well.

"Everybody does have their role. For the most part whether it is in practice or certain things we do in a game, everyone knows their role, and they need to do their job every time they step onto the court.

The pressure on the team to succeed this season:


"There is going to be pressure. However, I don't think it is so much the pressure from everyone else as much as the pressure we are putting on ourselves. We know what we are capable of doing this season. If we have an upset we are not going to let it bring us down. I think we expect a lot more out of ourselves this year, and there is no reason not to."

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