Q&A with Senior Hannah Randolph

Discusses role on the team and being a leader in the classroom

August 3, 2006 · MT Media Relations

Anticipation of the season:

"I guess the biggest thing for me is we got so close last year and I feel we can do very well this year. I am very excited about the upcoming season, especially since this is my senior year. I guess more then anything I am anxious for the season to get started. I think we will have our ups and downs but as far pulling off a great season, I think we can do that."

Do you feel any pressure of expectation?

"I think I feel the pressure of expectation, definitely. Last year was the most successful season we have had since I have been here, so yeah, there is going to be some pressure to exceed what we did last year. More then anything, I think the pressure is coming from people themselves, because everyone wants to succeed. I, personally, don't feel that the pressure is bad. We are obviously going to do well because we have our whole team back. We just have to go out and play the type of game we all know we can play and we will reach the goals we have set for ourselves."

Your thoughts on the increased difficulty of the schedule:

"I am looking forward to the challenges in the schedule this year. I don't really think a lot about the teams we are playing, we have played big schools in the past, and I think if we have a good preseason and we put it all together we are going to match up well against these teams. I am not going to get wrapped up in a name."

Your thoughts on each member of the team knowing their role on the team:

"Matt [Peck] and Jeff [Motluck] have done a very good job in making us content with our roles and knowing what they are. Granted as this season progresses our roles might have to change, but I think people can be happy with their roles when you are doing well and right now we are doing well. My role last season was to come in and serve and play back row and I am content with that."

What kind of leader do you hope to be as a senior?

"Because I don't play all the way around, it is hard for me to lead by example on the court. However, I think I am very vocal whether it be on the court or on the sidelines so I think I am a leader in that respect. I also try to be a good example in the classroom, which I have been told is one of my roles on the team, and I accept that."

Do you think the team should be the favorite to win the Sun Belt this year?

"When you only lose one player and you have the majority of your starting six back, yeah, there is no doubt in my mind we should be the favorite. I don't know what the polls are going to say but I know what I feel we should be and what the rest of our team feels we should be. So yeah, I think we should be the favorite."

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