Tuesday's Volleyball Practice Notes

Quanshell Scott and Alicia Lemau'u comment on practice

August 15, 2006 · MT Media Relations

ON THE AGENDA: Middle Tennessee volleyball focused on drills in Tuesday's morning practice then the squad worked on some play game situation plays.

LOOKING FOR INTENSITY: Head Coach Matt Peck was looking for intensity in the morning practice from the Blue Raider club. After a string of good practices, the Blue Raiders had an up and down performance which prompted Peck to work on motivating the players. He split the teams and set the score at 20-all and told the players the team that lost would have to run after practice.

THE SMACK AWARD WINNER: Today's Smack Award Winner goes to freshman Sasha McGlothin. The outside hitter joins Savannah Pegg and Ashley Adams as winners of the preseason award. McGlothin also joined the Balcony Club on Tuesday, after hitting a ball, pounding it on the floor and sending it bouncing up into the bleachers. She joins Ashley Asberry, Quanshell Scott and Adams in the Balcony Club.

PRESEASON POLL AUG. 21: The Sun Belt Conference will release its preseason volleyball poll on Monday, August 21.

SCRIMMAGES: Middle Tennessee will spend a portion of each practice this week scrimmaging in preparation for the season.

10 DAYS TO SEASON: Middle Tennessee has a short preseason, as the Blue Raiders begin the season in just 11 days. The club begins the year on August 25 when the Blue Raiders face Radford in a tournament at Appalachian State.

JUNIOR MIDDLE BLOCKER QUANSHELL SCOTT: "Practice is going very well and we are all playing like competitors because we are all competing for starting spots. Because of this it makes practice harder, which is good, because everyday is like a scrimmage or a tournament. This is the best preseason I have been involved in since coming to Middle Tennessee. We come out to every practice knowing what we have to do to be successful this season - we are all thinking about that conference championship ring."

JUNIOR LIBERO ALICIA LEMAU'U: "Today was an awesome practice even though it was hard and we started off slow. The freshmen have been amazing in practice, bringing so much competition to every spot on the court. I can't wait to get out on the court and play a match, I miss it and I am just ready for the season to get started. I think a win this season, against an opponent that is higher then us will set a tone for the year. Kind of like the win we had over Georgia last year."

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