Legend of Lightning

August 18, 2003 ·

In Greek mythology, the winged horse possessed superior cunning and speed. The thundering horse of the gods was entrusted to carry awesome lightning bolts and could only be harnessed by a noble being with a pure heart. Character, talent, and strength were required to mount and ride the fabled winged horse.

Today, this winged horse is a fitting symbol of a university that has earned its wings and excels in many academic arenas, including historic preservation, teacher training, aerospace, political science, horse science, and recording industry.

But the winged horse is more than a symbol of physical accomplishment; it's also a symbol of character and the responsible wielding of power.

The challenge of all great universities and university athletic departments is to help student-athletes build character as well as strength. This winged horse, Lightning, is a symbol to Middle Tennessee students, athletes, and alumni of the soaring school spirit they experience at sporting events.

For its nobility and character, the winged horse was immortalized in the stars. Now, with breathtaking speed and thundering, unbridled power, Lightning strikes, forevermore, fear in the hearts of Blue Raider opponents and leads Middle Tennessee to victory!

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