Evi Gargalianos Diary From World University Games

August 31, 2003 · MT Media Relations
Days 4- Day of Departure: 08/23- 08/31/2003

It has already been two weeks since the last time I updated my journal but it definately doesn't feel like it. Since the 22nd of August we've been playing matches almost every day so I guess time flew because we were so busy.

The fact that we didn't do so good in our first few matches got the teams' spirit down and I felt that our losses kept us from enjoying the Korean experience to the fullest level possible. The one day we got off relieved some of our stress and anxiety, and therefore came back winning the next day against Algeria. Finishing our games, I came to the realization that team could have done much better had it been more organized and a bit more disciplined.

Outside the court, the kindness of the people was the main thing that kept on amazing me. They are extremely friendly, and their pure heart gave to every single one of us the desire to do our best to make them understand how much we appreciated their showing of emotion. Most of the times a warm smile and hug was just enough. The rest of the times a pin would do the trick.

Right now I'm at the Daegu airport waiting for boarding to begin. Going back to think the past two weeks, I feel overly greatful for living such a wonderful experience. What I have to do now though, is focus in the future. I can't wait to come back and catch up with all that I've missed!

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