Today's Football Press Conference Quotes

November 17, 2003 · MT Media Relations
Head Coach Andy McCollum on the short week of preparation: The short work is probably a positive for us after a tough loss and the way it happened. We don't have much time to correct our mistakes with the short week. Both teams have the same opportunity to get ready, but we've got to travel and its always tough on the road.

McCollum on Arkansas State: This is a team looking to finish with a .500 record, send their seniors out on a high note, and try to finish second in the league, so they have a lot to play for on Thursday night. We have a lot to play for as well because we want to finish with a victory and some positives. They are a team that likes to run the ball and pound it right at you, so we must stop the run in order to be successful on Thursday.

McCollum on QBs Andrico Hines and Clint Marks: It's been our luck this year to lose both of them on the same drive. Andrico took a pretty hard shot and Clint couldn't grip the ball. People don't realize that Josh [Harris] got hurt on his fifth play in the game, but he was able to fight through it, which says something about him. Andrico and Clint are day-to-day and we'll decide probably on Thursday who will start in the game. If one of them can go, then I'm sure they will.

McCollum on his team's inability to run the ball: We didn't do very well up front. To run the ball you've got to control the line of scrimmage and break tackles and we haven't been able to do that. When you get an opportunity to make plays you have to make them. We had position the other night and we just didn't make the plays.

McCollum on ASU corner Jonathan Burke: He's a very talented corner. He has nine interceptions on the year, so you have to know where he lines up on every play.

McCollum on the effort of his team: Effort from our older guys isn't an issue with this team. We've got enough younger guys that want to play and that keeps the older guys motivated. When you watch the film, you can see that we played hard. Even on defense, the effort was there. Effort is not the problem with this team. They are always trying as hard as they can.

McCollum on recruiting: We've been working all along, but it starts in earnest as soon as the game ends Thursday night. We've got to get some older help. We need some offensive linemen with an attitude and some defensive backs. We'll be looking for some midterm guys and other guys who can help right away.

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