A Q&A with linebacker Andrew Harrington

Newcomer vying for starting job

August 8, 2007 · MT Media Relations
  • Audio: Practice Report

    What are your expectations in your first season with the Blue Raiders?

    I have a lot of expectations. I really would like to have a Sun Belt Championship ring like last year. Most of all, I want to help our team have a winning season and reach all our goals.

    What was the deciding factor for you coming to Middle Tennessee?

    I really liked the coaches. When I came up here to visit, I met Derek Mason, who went to a junior college five minutes from my school and we became friends really quick. It felt like a family here.

    What were some of the valuable experiences you learned at East Central Mississippi Junior College?

    I learned the value of hard work. You had to work hard under Coach Underwood to be successful and he helped me improve by pushing me to the limit.

    You won the team's most valuable "Warrior Award." How did this help you in the recruiting process?

    It showed that I had dedication and was willing to put in the work wherever I played. It was just great to be chosen.

    You led ECMJC with 75 tackles. What were some of the reasons for your success on the team?

    Our defensive linemen and our other linebackers, especially Ivon Hickmon, had a race to see who would have the most tackles during the season. Ivon and I were pushing each other hard every day. The competition really helped make me a better linebacker.

    Having been at Middle Tennessee since January, what has been your impression of campus life so far?

    It's a great campus. I really like the atmosphere and I can't wait until football games because you will get to see all the fan support that we have here. I really take pride in being a student-athlete at Middle Tennessee.

    Last season, the Blue Raiders lost all three starting linebackers. You have the chance to be one of the starters in your first season. What is your mindset on getting a starting job this fall?

    I need to go out there everyday and continue to work hard. Just because I have a starting position now doesn't mean I can be complacent. I need to continue to improve and make myself and my teammates better.

    You and Ivon Hickmon were teammates at EMJC. How did having a teammate help make your transition to Middle Tennessee easier?

    It made it much easier because I had someone to start over with me. It made the rough times adjusting here easier and now I really want to thrive here at Middle Tennessee.

    How did playing quarterback and safety in high school help you transition to the linebacker position?

    At quarterback you must know how to read the defense. When you're a safety you must have quick feet in order to be strong in that position. As a linebacker, it's a combination of the two, you need to be able to read the quarterback and be able to quickly track down your opponent.

    What do you like about playing under linebackers coach Art Kaufman?

    Coach Kaufman has taught me a lot. He knows a lot about the game and is willing to take his time to help me become a better linebacker. Today after practice he took extra time to make sure that I understood the newer techniques so that I can be a better defensive player.

    If you could play any other sport in college, what would it be?


    What is your favorite song currently on your IPOD?

    "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston.

    What is your favorite meal to eat?

    Fried chicken, can of yams, and a slice of sweet potato pie.

    What superhero would you like to be and why?

    Superman because he's invincible.

    What professional athlete do you believe you resemble the most?

    I like Derek Brooks from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he was an undersized linebacker, but he continued to work hard and he became really successful because of his determination to never give up.

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