A Q&A with Bobby Williams

Junior receiver has added weight, strength

August 21, 2007 · MT Media Relations
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    This year has been your best camp so far. Do you feel that this could be your "break out" year as a Blue Raider?
    I have to take it game by game. All I need to do right now is listen to what Coach Mangus and Coach Watts are telling me and improve upon that. I feel that if I listen and do what I'm told to do then I should have a good season.

    You have gained some weight and have gotten stronger during the off-season. How has Coach Patterson's strength and conditioning program helped you develop into a stronger athlete?
    It helped me a lot. I feel I am more physical this year because I'm catching the ball across the middle and I'm able to catch the ball in traffic. I think me getting stronger physically has a lot to do with that.

    During last season, it was an inconsistent year for you on the field. How have you become a better receiver during the off-season?
    As a receiver you need to have amnesia. The coaches have helped me forget about last season and they are behind me 100 percent. I just need to put everything behind me and focus on being the best for this year.

    How has Coach Stockstill helped you develop as a person on and off the field?
    Coach Stockstill cares more about us than just football. He's more worried about us getting a good job than about us going to the NFL. I consider him more of a father figure than a coach because he's always looking for the best out of his players on and off the field.

    What would you consider your best threat as a wide receiver?
    Right now, I feel that my biggest threat is my hands. In the past couple of years, I have been catching the ball more with my body. This year the coaching staff has helped me adjust as a receiver that can catch balls just about anywhere they are thrown to me.

    What type of goals have you set for yourself this season?
    My goal is to go out there and make something happen every time I get the ball. I believe our offense is going to have a breakout season and I am hoping to help contribute to our success.

    Having worked with Joe Craddock the past couple of years, how do you think he will fit in as the starting quarterback?
    I feel Joe will do a great job. He has a mean swag about him that helps be a big leader for this team. Joe is not scared of anybody and he's two dimensional, so he can either run or throw.

    How do you think the Motor City Bowl helped change the Middle Tennessee football program?
    I really didn't see it until I was actually playing in the game. At first, I was disappointed that I was missing Christmas with my family. I didn't see the importance of the game until I got to Detroit. It makes you hungry to go to another one and hopefully we'll be able to do that.

    The wide receivers were young and inexperienced last year. This year the team returns the top five wide receivers from 2006. How does this help give an advantage to Middle Tennessee?
    We are closer as a unit and we know the routes better than we did last season. After being a year in this system, we know what routes to run in different coverages and I think that will be a big advantage for us this year. You have to give credit to our coaching staff for helping develop us into big offensive threats.

    What type of leadership role do you plan to have for this season?
    Action speaks louder than words. I need to go out on the field and make plays, which will go a long way in helping lead this team.

    Chocolate chip cookie or Oreo? Oreo.

    Playstation 3 or XBOX 360? Playstation 3.

    Which celebrity would you like to spend the day with? Jennifer Lopez

    Name your favorite NFL team. San Francisco 49ers

    Fitted cap or adjustable? Fitted cap.

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