Quotes from Tuesday's football press conference

Banged up Blue Raiders hit the road again Saturday

October 30, 2007 · MT Media Relations

Head Coach Rick Stockstill
Opening comments:
"The North Texas win was a great win for our football team. We went there and played very well. There were lapses during the game in which we have to improve but overall it was a very good win on the road against a good football team. To go on the road and win a conference game is a feather in this team's cap. I thought it was a good performance by our football team.

"We were not very good offensively in the second half. I thought defensively we were very good throughout the game; take away a couple of possessions. We were good in the kicking game, we covered kicks very well, we hit a field goal, and we punted well. We just have to play a full game and we have not done that yet."

On Louisiana-Monroe: "UL-Monroe is a very confident team. They have won three of their last four games. They beat FAU on the road and we couldn't do that. It will be an evenly-matched game. They have the best running back in the conference. Their quarterback is getting better throwing the ball each week. He is very elusive running and throwing the ball. Their offensive line is very dominating and it will present a challenge.

Press Conference
"Defensively I think they are better than they were last year in their front and in their linebackers. I thought their secondary was their strength last year but this year I think their front seven is strength."

On the similarities between the two teams: "I think we are very comparable and if you look at the statistics throughout the conference you will see those are pretty evenly matched. These are two evenly-matched teams and it will come down to who protects the ball and who doesn't, as it always does. When teams are close it usually comes down to turnover margin."

On receiver Taron Henry's play vs. North Texas: "Taron Henry has played his two best games back-to-back since we have been here. Probably the best thing he did was picking up yards after the catch. He made a big play on the double cut for the 51-yard touchdown pass from Dwight. Taron just played very well for us."

Do you see ULM making a strong push here at the end of the season? "Look at what they did last year. They won four of their last five. Most teams in our conference it's hard to see improvement early because of who we are playing but there are improvements being made. (ULM) is playing better down the stretch and they made strides in the non-conference portion of their schedule. You just don't always see those improvements early but they are there. You tend to notice them more when the improvements are resulting in wins."

Do DeMarco McNair and Phillip Tanner have to carry more of the load in terms of rushing with Dwight Dasher not in there? "We are going to have to get rushing yards from somebody because we are not going to get them from the quarterback position. DeMarco (McNair) and Phillip (Tanner) will have to carry greater roles this week. We will have to get more production from them than we have in week's past."

What is the injury situation with the team as a whole? "We are pretty banged up and have a lot of people hurt. We hope to have some people back Saturday and there are others who will not be back. There is nothing you can do to prevent these injuries but we have had our share of them over the last two years but that's the way it is. Everyone has to deal with injuries; it's part of the game."

OL Brandon Nix
Is there any magic potion to this team's success on the road (5-1 on the road under coach Stockstill)?
"There is nothing you can do differently. You make your own energy and create your own momentum on the road. It takes focus and attention and this team pays attention to detail. It's always us against them on the road and we just try to take care of ourselves."

Talk about the recent success (three straight wins): "We felt like we have shown continuous progress as a team and that is paying off now. It's one week at a time and that's the approach we have had all season. We have never wavered in that approach because our coaches wouldn't let us."

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