Tuesday afternoon kickaround

GoBlueRaiders.com sits down with Middle Tennessee soccer

October 7, 2008 · David Powell
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - As the Blue Raider soccer team enters its third weekend of Sun Belt Conference action tied with Denver atop the conference standings, we begin a weekly off-the-field conversation with a few of the players responsible for Middle Tennessee's on-the-field success.

Junior Emily Harris and freshmen Laura Lamberth and Charity Blair sat down with GoBlueRaiders.com Tuesday to fill us in on their expectations for the rest of the season and tell a little about college life and themselves.

What are your personal expectations for the rest of the season?
LL: To continue to improve each game and fulfill the role I need to take to help the team get to our destination.
EH: For my team to succeed on and off the field and know that I have helped them along the way.
CB: To return playing as soon as possible from my injury and to eventually play in some games.

Do you do anything special to prepare for games?
EH: I fill up a water bottle before the game with half Gatorade and half water.
LL: No, I just go with the flow because I'm not really into superstitions. I just focus mentally before warm-ups and remember to have fun.
CB: I tend to become very quiet and serious.

What is one aspect of your game you would improve?
EH: My abilities to deal with balls in the air.
CB: To play the ball quicker.
LL: Being more mobile. If I make a pass, I need to follow it and become another supporting option.

If you could play any other sport than soccer what would it be?
CB: Gymnastics, because I loved doing this when I was younger and wish I would have stuck with it. I love to do flips and love the thrill.
LL: I would play golf. It is very relaxing and a great way to escape from everything.

What is your favorite class at Middle Tennessee?
LL: My favorite class is Health and Wellness. The teacher is funny and it is related to my major, Exercise Science.
EH: My Introduction to Sociology class is entertaining and interesting.
CB: Nutrition, because it is my major. I love to learn about food and how our body uses it.

Is there anything you miss from home that Murfreesboro does not have?
CB: My favorite Mexican restaurant, Plaza Del Sol.
EH: I mostly miss this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Fuji's that has amazing Japanese food.
LL: I miss my dog, a golden retriever.

What would you do if you had $5 million dollars to spend in five days, but could not spend any of it on yourself or your family?
LL: I would donate all of my money to cancer-research hospitals like Vanderbilt.
EH: Give it away.
CB: Give it to my church to finish building their buildings and for them to use the rest of it on missionary expenses.

Complete the statement "I recommend..."
LL: ...the movie Mean Girls. It's hilarious and I can quote the whole movie.
EH: ...the Chicken Shack. It's a restaurant right next to Greek Row that has amazing fried chicken and great side dishes.

What dream would you attempt if you knew could you try anything and not fail?
EH: I would attempt to be a rock star.
CB: To be an Olympic gymnast.
LL: To visit as many countries as I could. I love to travel.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
EH: New York City, I love the city atmosphere and really love its character.
LL: Australia, I love the accents!
CB:Hawaii. I have never been there and have heard it is beautiful. I love to be on the beach as much as possible.

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