Tuesday afternoon kickaround

GoBlueRaiders.com sits down with Middle Tennessee soccer

October 21, 2008 · David Powell
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - As the Blue Raider soccer team prepares for it's final away matches of the Sun Belt Conference regular season, we continue the weekly off-the-field conversation with a few of the players responsible for Middle Tennessee's on-the-field success.

GoBlueRaiders.com sat down with sophomores Kelly Downs, Emily Snowdon and Fran Howells on Tuesday to get the talented trio's take on the rest of the season and the life of a collegiate student-athlete.

What are your personal expectations for the rest of the season?
ES: I want the team to be the best. That's all there is to it.
KD: My personal expectations are to score at least five goals.
FH: Being in defense, to help keep the amount of goals scored on us to a minimum.

What is your favorite class at Middle Tennessee?
FH: Health and Wellness because I have a funny teacher who always has a story to tell.
ES: Education Psychology because it devotes itself to understanding children. It motivates me to be a better student-teacher.
KD: Animal Science because I love learning about different animals and their behaviors.

What is one aspect of your game you would improve?
KD: My touch on the ball.
FH: I want to improve on my confidence in taking the ball forward. I get nervous past the half-way line.
ES: I want to improve my fitness.

If you could play any sport other than soccer what would it be?
FH: Ice hockey because I would love to get dressed up in all the pads and skate around.
KD: I used to wrestle in high school and it was the most exhilarating feeling in the world! It is a sport that is all about the individual and you are held accountable for everything no matter the result.
ES: I would be a swimmer. After watching the Olympics I have the utmost respect for those athletes. Plus, it would get me closer to Michael Phelps!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
KD: I would choose to live in Colorado because it is very scenic and I could live on a ranch with some horses!
ES: Africa, my main goal in life is to devote myself to helping the people there.
FH: I would like to carry on living in the United States after I finish college because I really like it here. Also. there is greater chance of me getting a job working on special effects for television and movies than if I were to go back to Wales.

Who is your favorite sports player?
ES: Steven Gerrard because of his leadership and Xabi Alonso because of his vision on the field.
FH: Izabela Kozon of the MT volleyball team because she is a very talented athlete.
KD: Michael Phelps because he is an amazing athlete.

If you could have one super-hero power what would it be?
KD: To turn myself into any animal or insect on the planet so I could go anywhere in the world whenever I wanted.
ES: To breathe under water. You could swim forever.
FH: I would like to be able to fly so I can go back and forth between Wales and the United States free of charge!

What is one thing that not many people know about you?
ES: I want to be fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.
FH: My first name is not Francesca. I can't tell you what it is, sorry.
KD: I am obsessed with horses.

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