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GoBlueRaiders.com sits down with Middle Tennessee soccer

October 28, 2008 · David Powell
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - As the Blue Raider soccer team prepares conclude the Sun Belt Conference regular season against rival Western Kentucky, we continue the weekly off-the-field conversation with a few players who have contributed so greatly to Middle Tennessee's on-the-field success.

GoBlueRaiders.com sat down with seniors Nenita Burgess, Kim Farrant, Caitlin Reeves and Elise Hutter on Tuesday to ask about their Blue Raider careers and get some insight into the life of a collegiate student-athlete.

What is your favorite moment of your Blue Raider career?
NB: I My favorite moment is from my freshman year when we beat Clemson 1-0 on the road. I'm also still waiting on another favorite moment and hoping it will occur at the end of October and early November this year.
KF:The first weekend my parents came to watch me play and I scored two goals and got an assist.
CR: Scoring against Vanderbilt.
EH: Playing with the great friends I have made on the team in my four seasons here.

What are your plans after graduation?
EH: I really want to do a lot of traveling after graduation.
NB: I am going back to Australia to work and possibly coach soccer. I am also planning on spending some time in the Philippines to play and train for the national team.
KF: I want to move on to a physical therapy school for another 3 years to become a physical therapist.
CR: I want to either go to graduate school or find a real estate job in Dallas, Texas.

Who would you be if you could pick one person to be for a day?
CR: I don't really know. I'm happy just being myself.
EH:I would want to be a rock star
NB: I would have to say Janet Jackson so I could perform in concert and bust out my awesome dance moves!
KF: Justin Cerda who plays on the Middle Tennessee softball team!

Who is your favorite professional sports player?
KF: Phillip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers (NFL).
CR: Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA)
EH: Cristiano Ronald who plays for Manchester United.
NB: Dianne Alaric who played for the Australian Women's National Team. She also used to play in WUSA for the San Jose Cyberays.

Do you have any siblings?
NB: I have an older brother, Brendon, who is 24.
KF: Yes, I have a brother who is 26 and two half-sisters who are 41.
CR: Yes I have three siblings. I have one brother Kevin who is 39 and two sisters, Lauren who is 38 and Sydney who is 24.
EH: Bridget and Noelle, and they love the Jonas Brothers

What is your favorite professional sports team?
EH: It would have to be Manchester United of the English Premiership.
NB: Adelaide United FC from the A-League in Australia.
KF: The San Diego Padres and Chargers. I have to represent my hometown.
CR: I really like the New York Giants.

What is one thing that not many people know about you?
CR: I still sleep with a teddy bear. Its name is Peachy.
EH: I am an exceptional dancer!
NB: When no one is home, I put on my favorite concert DVD's, crank up the volume and do some cleaning with intervals of dance routines!
KF:I have never broken a bone.

What is one word you would pick to describe yourself?
KF: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
CR: I would have to say either thoughtful or trustworthy.
NB:I would have to say "energetic", but others around me would translate that to "annoying."

Give some advice to some of the freshman on the team...
NB: Work hard, push yourself, stay positive and always be willing to learn from the other players and coaches around you. If someone tells you that you can't do something, prove to them they are wrong by letting your actions to the talking. Also, make the most of your time at Middle Tennessee because it will fly by.
KF: To be patient. It is not a given right to play for a college team, it is a position to be earned. Most of all you need to enjoy the time that you have here because before you know it your time will be up.
CR: Your time playing goes by fast. Your experience might not always be how you envisioned it but don't worry about the things you can't control. Always enjoy your time playing here and the friends you have made on the team.
EH: Eat as much free food in the "JUB" during preseason as possible!

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