Comments from Andy McCollum on the 2005 Signing Class

February 2, 2005 · MT Media Relations

Opening remarks:

"It was a long night last night. We were able to close on some, especially at the end. There are some really good players in this class. Guys who were really thought highly of across the country and a lot of people recruited them.

"We feel like we have a lot of speed and character in this class. We believe we have a group of guys who do well in the classroom, as well as on the field. I believe we will find out there are freshmen in this class who will make an impact for us in our first game against Alabama (in 2005). It is a good class. I'm glad it's over. The staff has put in a lot of time. We will go back and evaluate some things like where did we hang on to one, lose one, what were the reasons why and look at areas where we can do a better job.

"I do believe we got better in Florida. We got deeper into Florida and there are some great players in that state. I'm proud of the kids we got from Tennessee. We lost some that we really wanted. We went after them hard but we are very proud of the ones we do have. I'm also proud of all the support staff that helped us. Our numbers were a little limited this year because we only had eight seniors so we didn't have the numbers we usually have but it's a good class."

The first three players to fax their scholarship agreements were Nick Mobley, Ralpheal Ousley and Brandon Perry. Good way to start the day?

"It was a great start. Alton Sanders' (scholarship agreement) came across first, then Brandon Perry came second and then Nick Mobley so that was exciting. There are times every year where a SEC team may lose a guy and they will come in after a Middle Tennessee guy. We really felt Brandon Perry was a guy that was tough to sleep on. We worked hard on him and it was exciting to see his fax come through early. To get Mobley's in early was huge because he's a kid who received a lot of traffic during the recruiting process. Sanders was a big get and I was pleased to see his paperwork come through so early."

Did you make a conscience effort to sign more size in the secondary is that just the way it worked out?

"It worked out great for us. We were able to get speed back there. Joey Moultry and Reggie Doucet are guys with the speed you want and they are physical players. Bryant House committed us early and got beat up on throughout the process but he stuck to his word and I'm proud of that. I believe he's going to be a good player for us."

Do Chance Dunleavy and J.K. Sabb, two junior college linebackers, have the best chance to make an immediate impact?

"They are physical linebackers and nice players. We have good returning linebackers but we were really hurt with depth last year and we feel we have added quality depth with some good players who will come in and be ready to compete for playing time right away."

You seem excited about the talent within the group of defensive linemen you have signed.

"I think it's as good a group of defensive linemen as we've signed. The hardest thing in recruiting is defensive linemen and to come out of this class with a Trevor Jenkins, David Johnson, Chris McCoy, Brandon Perry and a Nick Mobley is a huge boost.

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