Q&A with soccer's Emily Harris

Junior hosts radio show on WMTS

September 15, 2009 · Sarah Fryar

Which factors led to your decision to attend Middle Tennessee?
"I wanted to stay in Tennessee to get the HOPE scholarship, but I wanted to get away from Knoxville and play soccer. I really like the campus and the people on the team, so it seemed like the right place for me."

Talk about your most memorable soccer moment since coming to Murfreesboro.
"Our last game before our conference tournament last year we played Western Kentucky and scored with literally seconds remaining in the game. We went into double-overtime and ended up tying the game. It was so amazing, though; I remember the entire team jumping and screaming."

What do you enjoy the most about being a member of the Blue Raider soccer team?
"I just really love all of the people on the team. Everyone gets along really well and it is nice to have a team where everyone likes each other. That is really hard to find."

Why did you decide to major in sociology?
"I wanted to find something I really enjoyed doing even if it is something with few opportunities in the job market right now. In order to do well, you have to like what you are doing and I love sociology. I find it really interesting."

What are your post-graduation plans?
"I will definitely be going to graduate school. Hopefully, I can get a graduate assistant position somewhere in-state because of tuition. My dad lives in Cincinnati though, so I may try and get into a GA program there. Eventually down the road I would like to be a professor of sociology."

How did you get involved with WMTS?
"I started dating someone back in November of last year who actually interned at WMTS then ended up with his own show and really enjoyed it. So I came and sat in on the show a couple of times to see what all he did. It is really cool because it is a student-run radio station so it is just you in there running the board and picking the music. There is a lot of freedom to do what you want to do. This summer I had a lot of spare time here in Murfreesboro so I decided to do an internship there and at the end of the semester, if you pass the test, you can have your own show."

Explain your show format.
"The show is two hours long and every 30 minutes WMTS made commercials are played. The format is really loose, though. My show is an Electronica show so I play music from that particular genre and give some background information on the artist playing. Each show has a different genre so you can play whatever and have complete creative control."

What influences the type of music you play?
"I attend a lot of music festivals like Bonnaroo, Rothbury and All Good. Electronica usually consists of the late night shows and the people are different and a lot of fun. It is really easy to get lost in it and dance all night."

How did you decide on your DJ name, Vera Shuffle?
"One of my all-time favorite bands is Pink Floyd and they were one of the very first bands to start incorporating Electronica into their music. So, Vera is the name of a song from The Wall album and Shuffle comes from the shuffle of music I play. I put the two together and thought it sounded nice."

What do you hope will be the end product of this radio venture?
"Most people consider Electronica and Techno to be the same thing but the kind of music I play is more of an instrumental funk rather than the stereotypical monotonous beat. I want people to know it is more than that. It is really chill and can be very melodic and catchy. The people who know nothing about Electronica is who I really want to cater to. I want those who already enjoy the music to listen, but I also want people to tune in because they have never heard it before."

Tune in to 88.3 FM (WMTS) from 10 p.m.-Midnight on Thursdays to hear Harris' show.

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