Q&A with receiver Gene Delle Donne

Senior started career as a quarterback

September 17, 2009 · Sarah Fryar

Talk about your reasons for transferring from Duke to Middle Tennessee. With Duke, I wasn't comfortable with the place or the football program. I actually knew G.A. Mangus, who was the offensive coordinator here at the time, because he coached at my high school my freshman year. Coach Mangus heard I was looking to transfer, so I came here for a visit, met Coach Stock and loved everything about this place. Here I am today.

What did you receive your degree in and what factored choosing that particular major? I graduated this past May and earned my degree in History. It is an interest I have always had so it was an easy choice for me.

You were the 22nd best quarterback in the nation coming out of high school. How has the transition from quarterback to tight end to now wide receiver under Tony Franklin been? It's been very fun and adventurous. Obviously, the physicality from quarterback to tight end was something I had to get used to. And now, since I am more of a receiver, adjusting to running routes has been different for me after always being a quarterback. So far though, it has been great and I really enjoy playing in Coach Franklin's offense.

Wilmington, DE, your hometown, is not far from the University of Maryland's campus. Will there be a "Delle Donne" fan section at the game? There will be. I am expecting about 35-40 people. My mom is from Annapolis, MD which is right down the street so I have a lot of friends and family attending the game.

After defeating Maryland last year, what type of game are you expecting Saturday against the Terrapins? It is going to be a very tough, physical football game. They will definitely want to pay us back for winning the game last year. It is normally a hostile environment with a large crowd so it should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it. Maryland has a very good team but if we can limit errors and turnovers, like Coach Stock talks about, then hopefully we will be okay.

This is your final season at MTSU. What are you looking to take from this final year as a Blue Raider? It would be nice to win a conference championship or make a bowl game my last year, but honestly, I have been very fortunate to have met so many good people here. There will be memories in friends and coaches that I can take and keep with me for a lifetime. Football-wise, a championship and bowl game would be great.

What are your post-season plans? I plan on moving back home to coach high school football and basketball. Also, I plan to work for my dad selling real estate in our family business.

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