Dana Garrett Q&A

Senior guard featured in personality interview

November 27, 2009 · Athletic Communications

My Full Name is: Dana Lasidra Garrett

I was born on: September 22, 1987

My parents are: Rose Garrett and Sidney Brock

I went to high school at: Woodland High School in St. George, South Carolina

My previous school was: Walters State Community College

I chose MT because: this was the first school to give me a chance so I stuck with them

I'm constantly watching: ESPN

My I-pod is filled with: Lil Wayne

I drive a: Honda Civic

My dream car is: 2010 Pathfinder

My favorite film is: "He Got Game"

My favorite song is: "No Matter What" by T.I.

My favorite music artist is: T.I.

The magazine I read is: Slam

I log onto: Facebook.com

My bedroom walls are decorated with: Michael Jordan, Middle Tennessee Women's Basketball and Bob Marley posters

I would love to trade paces for a day with: President Barack Obama to see what it's like to be the President.

My very first job was: a pizza maker at Pizza Hut

I wish I could: sing

My favorite meal is: barbecue ribs. Everybody on the team loves ribs.

My favorite professional athletes are: Michael Jordan and Cynthia Cooper

My other favorite sport is: tennis

My favorite city I have visited so far is: Miami, Florida

The teams I rooted for as a child were: the Philadelphia 76ers and North Carolina

Characteristics I look for in others are: good personalities and loyalty

The thing I like most about myself is: my athleticism

My least favorite thing about myself is: my hands because they are too big

My greatest love is: my family

My hero is: my mom

Things I want to do before I die include: sky-diving and scuba diving

My personal motto is: "Live life to the fullest"

What it is like to play for Coach Insell: It is very demanding. You have to come prepared everyday.

The thing I want the other players to learn from this senior class is: that we are dedicated and willing to put anything on the line for this team.

My favorite memory as a Blue Raider is: the team playing Rock Band at Coach's house.

My career goal is: graduation, currently. If I have the opportunity to play overseas then I will pursue that, but if not, then I'm going back to school and continue my degree in Health Education.

My emotion on hosting Tennessee for the first time in 30 years is: excitement. I'm ready to get out there.

I am preparing for the Tennessee game differently than others by: watching more film, reading the scout and looking at the players I'm going to be guarding.

The thing I am anticipating most about the Tennessee game is: the atmosphere. It's probably going to be more alive in Murphy Center than it has ever been before.

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