Wellman reminds Blue Raiders of championship goal in fifth installment of soccer diary

September 26, 2005 · MT Media Relations
Tuesday, September 20
Weights 7:00 AM
Rise and shine. With every weight session, our arms are getting more buff. You can almost see some biceps bulging on all of us!

Practice 3:15 PM
Today marks the start of a clean slate. We've let some games slip by us, but we can't live in the past; instead we must look forward to quickly approaching conference games. This weekend will be our final two non-conference games. Before practice got started, the team had a heart-to-heart talk dealing with what we want to see happen during the remainder of the season. We picked it up at practice today. Better effort and hard work from all.

Wednesday, September 21
3:15 PM

Today we worked on switching the point of attack. Overall it was a pretty exhausting practice, but an all around good effort. After practice, those who could went and ate dinner to celebrate Kala Morgan's birthday. For once we weren't forced to drink water. We found out that Claire Ward doesn't use the menu; she just randomly told the waiter what she was hungry for and some how he figured out what dinners to put together to satisfy her! It's amazing how quiet we all get once we get some food in our mouths. Nenita Burgess got a big surprise when she found a staple in her meal! Next time she'll remember her metal detector. Luckily her hunger was satisfied by that point; nevertheless, she got her meal and staple all free of charge plus a nice piece of dessert on the house! We finished the birthday celebration with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (made by me) and of course sang happy birthday to Kala.

Thursday, September 22
3:00 PM

For a little change in routine, we had our team photo taken before practice. About 50 snap shots later we could finally quit smiling and then practice began.

Friday, September 23
Usual schedule before our home game: lunch and then to the locker room. We played Belmont. It wasn't the prettiest soccer we've ever played but we made it a win. We still have some stuff to clean up and make better before conference games begin. Today it was good to see subs come in and play hard and well. It's not the easiest thing to come in to an intense game from off the bench, but everyone held their own and did their part to help secure the win. One more conference game left on Sunday.

Saturday, September 24
10:00 AM

This was probably the worst practice ever. We did some shadow play and no one was focused. We finished practice with PK's (penalty kicks). Hopefully we won't have any more practices like that one. Once practice was finished we were free for the rest of the day.

Sunday, September 25
8:00 AM

Depart from Rec. Center for Alabama A&M University. A quick road trip so everyone stuffed their backpacks with all their gear; however, Kala had her back pack and large travel bag for the one-day trip. Can't wait to see how she will pack when we are gone for a week to conference tournament... 1-hour later... the bus FINALLY arrived. Some how we filled one hour with some Charades and watching Aston drive around the parking lot wasting his $4 gallon gas. Even though the bus was 1-hour late, we were still 2 hours early to the field so to pass the time we sat on the bus near their football stadium. After about 10 minutes of boredom, the coaches decided to play around with the ball. They invented a "creative" game of kick the massive concrete wall trying to hit the sign located about half-way up the wall (or as Katy Rayburn put it, about 7 or 8 Rebecca's high). After missing the wall several times and sending players in to retrieve the ball from behind the fence, getting it stuck in a tree and lifting Rebecca up to bring it down, and allowing it to bounce off the pavement and over their heads which gave us a glimpse of Shawn's (our athletic trainer) non-existent soccer skills the game came to an end when Aston "booted" the ball straight into the industrial sized light fixture where it remained stuck between the fixture and the underside of the stadium. There was no hope for getting that one down. When asked "how in the world did you get that stuck, Aston?" he simply stated, "The wind helped me." Just when we thought it was time to prepare for the game, Adam (Sayers) came in to report that the area was under a tornado watch. The game was cancelled so we packed up our stuff and headed back to Murfreesboro. A "fun" filled day of absolutely no accomplishments! Although we didn't play, I guess you can say we still left our mark just not on the field instead on a light fixture. Funny how we started our non-conference games at Lipscomb with a cancellation and ended our non-conference games at Alabama A&M with another cancellation. Practice tomorrow starts our preparation for our first big conference game versus Western Kentucky on Sunday. Once again I remind my teammates of our preseason quote: "work hard, suffer now, and live our lives as champions." All of our previous games, whether we got the results we wanted or not, are in the past and now the true test begins. We have a Championship title to defend. This is where true heart and desire as individuals and most importantly as a team sets in. Let's get our job done.

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