Wellman revisits long day in life of soccer team

October 11, 2005 · MT Media Relations
Tuesday, October 4
7:00 AM
Weights. Today we got to choose which work out we were going to do. Tired of the push/pull circuit we opted for the bench workout. Not quite as tough as last time - we must be getting stronger.

3:15 PM
Today's focus - long balls.

Wednesday, October 5
3:15 PM

Most of practice consisted of a full field scrimmage. Today was our last real practice before our game against South Alabama. We have to start having better pre-game practices by having more focus and by doing a better job at the things fundamental to our own personal positions. With a statement like that I'm starting to sound like (coach) Aston (Rhoden); I hate to admit when he's right but it's true.

Thursday, October 6
1:00 PM

We are scheduled to leave from the Rec. Center at 1:00 but it wouldn't be MTSU soccer if we didn't leave late.


While waiting to depart we made the most of our time playing games and studying.  Many locker buddies gave fun toys for gifts such as bouncy balls that helped keep us entertained for a little while. The fun with the bouncy ball ended after Holly (Grogan) dove over some bushes to catch the tiny, neon ball. Amazing how little things entertain us so. (Katy) Rayburn shared her Blow Pops candy with the team.


Friday, October 7

Our initial itinerary got adjusted due to the bus problem allowing us to sleep in until about 11:30. We left for lunch at noon. Once lunch was finished we met with Aston and coaches for our usual pre-game talk. He pulled out the magnetic soccer field for those of us who need a visual to get a better understanding. After the meeting, we were able to rest before the game. Conference game #2 versus South Alabama. Final score of the game, 2-1. Honestly I don't even know what to say. Today South Alabama was the better team as they put their opportunities away and we didn't. The season is still young and we still have a lot to prove. We have a talented group of individuals all we have to do is put it together.

Saturday, October 8
10 AM

We left Mobile and headed to Troy. In order to get to Troy, we had to get off the interstate and take a highway/back road which caused a few players to feel a bit car sick. We made a brief stop on the side of the road for some fresh air. Once we made it to Troy we grabbed a quick sandwich, checked into the hotel, and then went to practice. And to finish out the practice just when Shawn thought his birthday fun was over, Aston announced that we would be playing the "fun birthday game" better known as Butts Up. Elise Hutter was on target.

9:00 PM
We met in the lobby where we got a big pep talk from Aston. He knows that none of us are happy with the season thus far. Plain and simple it comes down to heart and desire. Hopefully tomorrow will be the start of something new and exciting for the team. We have seven games left and we have to make it the way we want it.

Sunday, October 9

1:00 PM
Well not quite the turn out we expected. Another tie, 1-1. Everyone gave a good effort and one player that stood out to me was Caitlin Reeves. She worked extremely hard and proved she was ready to play today. Her hard work produced the assist to our goal. We created many chances but we didn't put them away and it kept the other team in the game.  We now have to get ready for our first conference home games against Florida International and Louisiana-Lafayette.

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