Ninth installment of Melissa Wellman's weekly soccer diary

October 25, 2005 · MT Media Relations
Tuesday 3:15
We did some full field scrimmaging today. The coaches joined us to help make the teams even. We played games in 10-minute intervals. (Head Coach) Aston (Rhoden) determined which team was ahead and which team needed to work to get a tie or a win. Aston even joined in the play on the last game.

Wednesday 3:15
Today was our last practice before our games this weekend. We split into four teams of five and played some small games similar to tournament style. We ended with an 18-yard to 18-yard scrimmage and then penalty kicks.

Thursday 1:00
Off to a better start this road trip. We left on time! First stop at Hastings to rent some good movies on VHS. While traveling Rebecca (Rodriguez) showed us just how small she is by climbing into the overhead compartment on the bus. We had dinner at Olive Garden and then we made our way to the hotel.

Breakfast was on our own at the hotel and then we left for a quick practice at 9:30. Adam (Sayers) got us warmed up with a center circle exercise and a little excitement with high fives. Then we did a little game with Aston where we had to stay in a straight line across the field and stay with him at all times. He walked fast and slow, jogged, sprinted, and changed directions to trick us. I think he really just wanted a little exercise for himself. Next we did some shooting drills with Beth (Acreman) and finished up with Power Finesse. To our surprise, Kala (Morgan) stayed in the game for quite some time. Sara (Wohlhueter) started at the end of the line to stay in longer and the other team kept nagging her about being the worst player - she showed them when she scored both of her goals. She decided to challenge (Katy) Rayburn. Sara's glory only lasted a few minutes because Rayburn was up to the challenge and scored both of her goals which knocked Sara out of the game. On the way back to the hotel we made a quick stop at Firehouse Subs for lunch. Then nap time before we met in the meeting room at 2:30 p.m. for our usual pre-game chat. We added another win in our conference play. After the game we showered and then ate dinner at Chili's. We were all so excited when we found out we could order dessert!! Finally we raced back to the bus in fear of being last (even though we haven't stuck to the rules this year). But tonight I stepped up and regulated "last on the bus" which was Caitlin Reeves. She couldn't think of anything so she and Kala sang the National Anthem. Kala, who is from Wales, is getting much better with learning the words. Then Beth helped me with a joke and that was the end of the bus entertainment.

Saturday 10:00
We left Little Rock and headed to Jonesboro, Arkansas. Today first on the bus was Kala Morgan. Luckily she needed some batteries for her CD player so I bribed her to sing and then I would lend her batteries. She and Beth Acreman sang some Spice Girls. Later in the trip, Aston and I got addicted to one of his computer games, Flip Words. Beth was annoyed with us because we were loud, but really she just wanted to play. We went straight to the field for a kick around. We did some ball work and then some set pieces. After practice we went directly to lunch at a local Italian Restaurant. Finally we got to the hotel and had time to do whatever we wanted. Claire (Ward) and I volunteered to do the laundry. The hotel allowed us to use their machines that were super quick. The only thing that slowed us down was trying to figure out how to open the door to the washing machine when it was finished. Luckily Beth was a genius and helped us out. For dinner we had McAlister's sandwiches at the hotel. Later in the evening the upperclassmen did a rebuttal to the freshmen skit where we poked fun at the freshmen. After the skit we had a water-drinking contest with three freshmen volunteers - Lauren (Fox), Caitlin, and Courtney (Fortner). They were blind folded and had to race to drink two cups of water. We told them there was a tie but secretly only left Courtney to compete in the tie. The next task was to drink one glass of water, put the cup on her head, and do her best dance move. She did all this blindfolded while thinking someone else was up there dancing with her! Then oh no another tie... so this time there was a 30 second Indian dance-off. She danced her little heart out! And at the end of the 30 seconds the blindfold was removed and she realized she was dancing all alone! Great job, Courtney! After all that fun we were able to leave and do whatever. Some of us stayed in the meeting room and played some games. Adam hit a "tree" skiing, but don't worry Mrs. Sayers he didn't get hurt! He also got tricked into rolling a quarter down and across his face with a quarter, which left a pencil mark on his face. Other games included: a penny trick, categories, and the animal sound game. During the animal games we learned that Elise (Hutter) loves the Animal Planet station because each time her choice of animal was something unusual. "I guess I'll have to be the Orca Whale." We had a bunch of great laughs and made some good memories. We have a 10:30 p.m., curfew so the fun ended and to bed we went.

Sunday 9:00 AM
We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Today's game was a windy and chilly one. Before the game Aston told us all that matters is a W - that's a win right, Kala? We started a little frantic, but got it together. Final score was 5-1. In both games this weekend each team unfortunately scored one goal, but the good thing is that in both games we made up for it and came back and scored quick goals. Bus ride home: Holly (Grogan, who is from England) sang with a country American accent. I promised Sara I would sing a song so I sang Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. Little did I know that both Katy Rayburn and Jordan LeFan were recording me singing. If I knew I sounded that bad I wouldn't have sang. We finally got the VCR to work - Shawn thinks he fixed it. It's a good thing we rented some new release videos because it helped pass the time. Finally the trip came to an end. Great work this weekend. Two more conference wins under us and now we start preparing for a big weekend at home against Denver and North Texas.

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