Tenth installment of Melissa Wellman's weekly soccer diary

October 31, 2005 · MT Media Relations
Tuesday, October 25
Today was the senior's last day of weights! Lauren (Fox) and Elise (Hutter) thought this stunk ... or maybe it was just the dog poop they had both stepped in somewhere between Womack Lane and the Weight room!

3:15 PM Today was our first really cold day of practice. It didn't take long for us to get good and warmed up when we had to do some extra running for lack of concentration.

Wednesday 3:15
Today was a disturbing day to Beth (Acreman) and Aston (Rhoden) as they didn't think we were focused for our big games this weekend.

Thursday 3:15
We got started with some transitional games then I had to go to class.

We had a bit of a change up today. We had set times where groups of us went to the KUC to hand out flyers for our games this weekend. Then at 12:30 p.m., we had lunch near Aston's office and then watched our game versus Denver from last year. Aston had certain clips picked out to discuss with us. The best part was when we scored the winning goal in overtime and the person video taping the game ran down the hill while still recording. Today during warm-up you could see it in all of us that we knew what we needed to do. We played a great 90 minutes of soccer. We scored three nice goals in the second half. Holly (Grogan) scored an amazing one and I've never seen Aston so excited after a goal. He shouted and I quote, "WHAT A GOAL!!!" We all felt great about this win. We took care of what we needed to do and now we turn our focus to Sunday's game against North Texas.

Saturday 9 AM
We had a light practice this morning. When we got to the field we had to wait on Denver to finish their running session. We did our normal jog/stretch routine and then our "stay in line with Aston" game. We finished with soccer tennis. Before we left Katie Daley told us about her grandpa's first MT soccer experience. (Her grandpa is here visiting from Wales.) When we score a goal, the loudest fan receives an "Aston's Army" t-shirt. Well her grandpa was the loudest fan and when it was thrown to him, he headed it back!

We ate breakfast at Panera. Today was Senior Day. Our teammates put together a booklet for each of us seniors. Each player created a page for each senior. I had no idea they were doing this and it was a creative and thoughtful gift. They decorated each of our lockers with special posters for each of us. We also got a nice fleece blanket with MT soccer, our name and jersey number monogrammed on it from the coaches. Once again we started off well with another focused warm-up. We beat the undefeated North Texas team, 3-0. This was the first year that we beat both Denver and North Texas. What an accomplishment. Conference play started a little rough but we finished well in the end. Regular season came and went and so did Senior Day, but it's not over yet. We leave tomorrow for Mobile and conference tournament games begin on Wednesday. Our goal for the tournament: Let's make history!

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