Soccer players have varying pregame rituals

November 1, 2005 · MT Media Relations

We as humans are all creatures of habit. Many athletes have pre-game rituals and I thought it would be fun to see what kind of rituals we have on our team. Whether we realize it or not we usually do similar routines before every game. For example most of us warm up and stretch by the same people every game. I asked everyone on the team for his or her own pre-game ritual - some had original ones, some had similar ones, and some do not have any.

Katie Daley - kisses her engagement ring 4 times

Lauren Fox- talks to her dad (Steven) before every game

Brittany Buford - listens to the same play list

Elise Hutter - none

Nenita Burgess - puts all gear on in the same sequence starting with the right leg

Kala Morgan - wears a red bib before she goes on the field

Holly Grogan - none

Jordan LeFan - shaves her legs the night before starting with the right leg

Jenna Capitena - uses pre-wrap to help hold up her socks

Sara Wohlhueter - wears her warm gear all day before a game and checks her bag a million times to make sure she has everything

Caitlin Reeves - puts socks and shoes on starting with her left foot

Danielle Perreault - If she brings a water bottle to the goal, she places it on the right side and taps the post twice but if she doesn't take water she doesn't touch the post

Katy Rayburn - wears the same hair tie every game and during her personal time with the ball she has to juggle 25 times (25 is her jersey number)

Rebecca Rodriguez - thinks about her parents (Javier and Angie) and tells herself to play like they are watching and she sings the National Anthem

Rachel Holmes - wears the same (CLEAN) underwear and sports bra and has to place her jersey next to Claire's on the bench

Kaley Forrest - tells Rebecca "don't tell Katy" not sure what that is about

Claire Ward - wears her pajamas inside out and backwards the night before a game and visualizes herself scoring during the prayer

Courtney Fortner - unties and then reties her shoes before the game starts

Ingrid Christensen - has rituals but won't share them because that is part of the ritual

Melissa Wellman - I always stand in the same spot during the tunnel when the starters run out and I always tell Rayburn "hit em' hard"

Aston Rhoden - thinks they are superstitious! It's all in the body, mind, soul, and spirit, he says

Adam Sayers - has none he just tries to prepare players to do their best

Beth Acreman - said she didn't have any but then after thinking about it she realized that she, Aston, and Adam always sit in the same sequence on the bench

Even our trainer, Shawn, has a ritual - makes sure to check out the other team.

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