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November 1, 2005 · MT Media Relations
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    Playing three times in six weeks
    Last year we played 11 straight games and we would have begged for an off-week. We would have rather played last week but there were circumstances we could not control. We got a lot of work done and that was a positive with a very talented team coming in here Saturday.

    Offensive Inconsistency
    You see some good things we are doing, but we get a penalty here or a dropped pass and things have not gone well. We did not turn the ball over but one time our last game but it was a critical mistake. We have a lot of football ahead of us and I believe we can build on the positives and turn things around. When we have opportunities then we must take advantage.

    Special Teams Play
    We have been pretty good on special teams this year except in the field goal department. Our punt team has been good, our coverage teams have been good and our kickoff teams have been solid. Colby Smith has punted the ball great and our team has done a great job of covering which is why our net punting is so good. Other than improving on our field goals we still need to get a little better in the return game.

    A lot of football ahead for MT
    We have five straight weeks ahead and we can still reach a number of our goals. The most disappointing thing is that we have to turn around our play at home. You have to take care of your own field in this league and hopefully we will turn things around Saturday. We plan on changing some things around this week and hopefully it will help us get back on track.

    Struggles with Penalties
    We have made some stupid mistakes and we had two or three in our last game. We will get that corrected. That comes down to coaching and we will take care of that. You have to have all 11 guys clicking because if you have one breakdown the entire play could be ruined. We are young on offense but the guys are growing up and continue to get better.

    Playing at Home
    I don't know. First game we turned it over a lot the next game we did not play well and against ULL we just did not finish. We have to execute better.

    ASU's Explosive Offense
    They are very explosive. The quarterback can run and throw and he has been making plays and they have an outstanding running back. Their offense is very balanced and has done a great job all year. This is probably the best Arkansas State team I have seen since we started playing.

    ASU Running Backs
    Both are physical, talented, have game breaking speed and have played a lot of games. We have to keep them from making big plays.

    Devarick Scandrett

    "The bye week has really helped us. It allowed us to get over the loss to Louisiana-Lafayette and get in some extra practice to correct some things."

    Field position
    "We have to continue doing what we have been doing and play physical football. We just have to go out and play hard-nosed defense. I think we have a good offense, and I think they will leave everything on the table Saturday and come together."

    Stopping Arkansas State's strong offense
    "They really move the ball. They do a lot of different motions. They can hit you with big plays so you really have to keep your eye on those type of plays."

    Clint Marks
    The Play of the Offense as of Late
    "I blame myself for our lack off offensive output. We're just not being consistent. I think the quarterback should take the brunt of our problems. This past bye week we moved back to the basics and I think it will help us down the stretch.

    Balance of Running and Passing
    Whatever is working we are going to do it. Whether it is running the ball 100 times or throwing the ball 100 times. Right now we aren't good enough offensively to overcome poor decisions or costly penalties.

    The play of Cleannord Saintil
    "Cleannord has been playing really well. All he wants to do is win and I respect him for that. He is going to work hard and give you all he has on every play. He has made a number of big plays for us this year and he really wants the ball in his hands.

    Losing Record at Home
    "It is frustrating we can't take care of our business at home. We just aren't playing well at home. We just have to change that his week.

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