Clark Diary - Day Four

Recap of events during busy week for All-American

April 9, 2010 · Alysha Clark

Alysha Clark Diary - April 8, 2010

8:30 Rise and shine!! Time to get ready for the meeting with ESPN talent this morning! Then get ready for the draft! My roommate Jene (Morris of San Diego State) and I are in here trying to do our hair and make sure we get all the stuff we need for our outfit because we don't come back to the hotel once we leave!

9:45 We get downstairs and are the only ones here!! We run over to Starbucks and get some water and food because we are starving!!! I think it's finally starting to hit us!! Starting to get a little nervous! We get on the bus and head to the studio. Our parents came because they have a meeting to go to. We get into the players' lounge and there are about 30 basketballs and 30 hats that we each have to sign for partners and sponsors. Now we just have to hurry up and wait until the meet and greet happens!!

2:45 Just got back from the run through...it's so exciting!! Everyone got their hair and makeup done! Everyone looks gorgeous. We're all sitting around talking and laughing. I'm reading texts from my teammates and friends and family. :-) All the support I have is great!!

5:30 Just got back to the players' lounge! Wow! That was nerve racking and very exciting! I got taken 17th by the San Antonio Silver Stars!! This is the perfect team!! Man! Coach (Insell) had his cab outside waiting because he had to immediately leave and go catch his flight! I hope he made it back alright! After we got drafted we had to go to the media circuit. First, I went to do a free-for-all with reporters. Then I went and did a VNR (Video News Release) interview. Next was an interview with the fans on WNBA.com. Next, we headed to do our photo shoot! So amazing! Then I headed to the T-Mobile lounge and recorded a message for the fans about being drafted to the Stars. That'll be uploaded on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. Then I had to go call Adam Sparks (Daily News Journal), Michelle (Willard) at the Murfreesboro Post, and a guy from Slam (magazine) online. Once all that was done, I went and did another interview with T-Mobile except this time they asked questions and then recorded me calling my grandparents in Colorado. :-) And that was the end! We were done! Draft day was over! I got back to the lounge and read and replied to everyone who texted me! Thank y'all so much for the love and support!!

10:00 Brandan (Wright) and I just got back from dinner at Ruth's Chris. It was amazing! It was right on the water...I could see NYC right across the water. Absolutely gorgeous! Chelsia called me. :-) She wanted to see how I was doing. haha...But I was glad to hear she was making it alright! Miss you roomie!! Then we had to go get my parents some food and when we were in the parking lot, we saw Cassidy driving a Bentley...that was cool. It was rented though. haha.

11:00 Time for bed! We have a very early and long day ahead of us! I'm in the group that goes to the ESPN studios!! Everyone loved my outfit! :-) Goodnight!!!

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