Installment 11 of Wellman's soccer diary

November 2, 2005 · MT Media Relations
Monday, October 31
Today we are leaving for the Conference Tournament in Mobile. We loaded the bus with our over-stuffed bags. We all had extra heavy bags in preparation for a week long tournament. We finally got a bigger bus so no one had to double up this trip. On our way out of town, we had an enthusiastic, Welsh send off from Katie Daley and Kala Morgan's families. Katie's dad and grandpa and Kala's dad, mom, and sister had been to visit for a week.

As we passed the Foreigner's House, they all stood out in the middle of the road waving the Welsh flag as we drove by. Oh Jamie, Katie Daley's "friend" as Aston (Rhoden) calls him, also joined in on the send off. Mid-trip, we stopped and had dinner at O'Charleys. After dinner Sara (Wohlhueter) read us an inspirational letter she received this week to help get us pumped up for the tournament. Then Aston took the mic and told us about his daughter Ashley picking number 12 for her soccer jersey so she could be like Rebecca (Rodriguez). He was reminded of this when Sara's letter mentioned to play for the younger girls that look up to us.

Beth (Acreman) decided she would add some jokes to the entertainment. Three jokes and three strikes! Ha. Adam (Sayers) told one to conclude the mic session and he received applause. Brit (Buford) got tired of the bad jokes and requested the movie, Sister Act 2, to resume. We arrived in Mobile around 10 PM. Since we will be sharing rooms for an entire week, Beth allowed us to choose our roommates.

Breakfast was on our own at the hotel. The waffle maker was a big hit with the team. Claire (Ward) was so excited to make her own waffle and then she didn't even eat all of it! After breakfast we had the option of going to the mall at 9:45. About half the team took the offer. That was the fastest, most productive shopping trip ever. We got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel to meet the rest of the team for lunch ...Um where is Ingrid (Christensen)?

We made it out of the mall parking lot and onto the main road before we realized that we didn't have Ingrid with us. Once we turned the bus back around and the mall came into view, we spotted Ingrid in her bright yellow shirt waving at us. Everyone on the bus tried to guess what she had done when she realized we had left her. To our surprise she had already called for a cab; however, once the cab got there she wasn't sure where to tell them to take her. She said all she knew was the bus went that way pointing in the direction of the hotel. How we could leave Ingrid behind I have no idea.

We had our scheduled practice time at 2 p.m. We were excited because we knew that Aston could only keep us for 1 hour exactly. We got there a little early so we had to remain on the bus until 2 o'clock exactly. It had rained some today so we practiced on the practice field. We had to be careful for all the random holes all over the field.

Tonight we had the tournament banquet at 7. It's always fun to have a reason to dress up. Of course we took many pictures since we were finally in nice clothes and looking pretty. Our dinner was buffet style... yummy! Then the presentation of the awards... academic first, then second team all-conference, finally first team all-conference.

Congrats to all who got awards. Honestly I think more of our team deserved awards but we don't need a committee to tell us who is good; plus we plan on proving ourselves to everyone this week starting with tomorrow's first game. On the bus ride back to the hotel we had some bus entertainment. Kala sang us something in Welsh. Holly (Grogan) did some more of her country American accent.

The foreigners all started singing their own country's songs ... I think that was what they were doing. So then Rebecca got the Americans started on the National Anthem and of course everyone else joined in with us. (Katy) Rayburn sang some Ashley Simpson. Rayburn said she felt like me when she started getting nervous. And finally we made it to the hotel. Now we get some good sleep and start getting focused for tomorrow's game versus Troy.

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