NCAA Tournament Diary: Emily Snowdon

Senior tri-captain talks about NCAA Tournament experience

November 13, 2010 · Emily Snowdon
Friday, Nov. 12

Today could possibly be my last day as a Blue Raider soccer player or it could be another step further into the NCAA Tournament. With either result being a definite possibility, the team and I are ready to play. We have been locked up in a hotel for way too long and we are ready to experience a massive achievement in a woman's soccer career.
Before lunch Aston shared with us, like he normally does, the information he knows about the team we are about to play. We always go over goals and tasks we need to accomplish and we begin to motivate ourselves, if we aren't already motivated, for the game at hand.
After a wonderful lunch from Panera, we take an hour to focus before we leave for the stadium. I talked to several of the girls before the game and there was a mixture of emotions. Some freshman felt nervous whereas I, for the first time this season, felt relaxed. It's weird to think how 24 girls with the same goal in mind can feel and think completely different before, during, and after playing. However, it is those emotions that make the game memorable.
Unfortunately, today was Jaimee Cooper, Emily Harris, Fran Howells, Vanessa Mueggler, and my last soccer game as a Blue Raider. We held Florida State to a draw all the way until the last two seconds of the first half when a deflection from our defense put the Seminoles up by one goal. In the second half, we found it more difficult to keep possession forcing us to play an entire half of defense ending with Florida State up 3-0.
I always envisioned myself at my last soccer game with tears streaming down my face while I sobbed in my teammates' arms. Tonight was the direct opposite. I was surrounded by my best and closest friends and teammates.
I had an opportunity to experience the most important tournament for a female soccer player and I can look back at the amazing season my team has had and smile because win or lose, we are champions. My team and I are SBC champions and we will always have this memory no matter who, where or why we play.
I want to wish the girls luck for next year. We have made significant strides and I am so excited to see what they can accomplish now that we have played at the highest level. Thank you for making my soccer and college career one I will never forget.

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