2011 BRAA "Signing Day" membership drive will feature new format, high intensity, strong competition, and special ticket bonus

Event set for April 20-21

April 17, 2011 · Athletic Communications

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - There is a well known rule-of-thumb in the highly-competitive business world regarding change: "If you are standing still, you're backing up", meaning new methods and programs are a must to keep one's business ahead of the others.

Alan Farley, Associate Athletic Director of Fundraising for the Blue Raider Athletic Association, is not one to back up, so despite successful membership campaigns for the last several years, Farley and the BRAA have changed the format for the 2011 membership drive that begins on Wednesday.

Farley, campaign manager Clint Marks and Membership Chairman Brian Hercules will implement a streamlined, high intensity campaign that will take less than 48 hours, but is geared to produce more new memberships than ever before. Farley noted that several long-time volunteers, who had worked in previous BRAA drives that had lasted for two or three months, had also participated in a recent campaign for the local Chamber of Commerce.

"They said it was a high-energy campaign that created a lot of excitement, a lot of competition. Those are the elements you want in a membership drive. They suggested that, instead of stringing it out six to eight weeks like we have in the past, let's condense this down.

"This is not how the chamber did it, but we designed our own to make it a two-day event, take the elements we have around college athletics, and use it to produce high intensity, excitement and fun. What we are looking to do is catch that lightning in a bottle."

Farley stated that the goal of the campaign was to secure 300 first-time new members. He was also pleased with the number of first-time volunteers, most of who had signed up because of the condensed length of the campaign. He is also excited about changes in the basic make-up of the group of volunteers.

"We have a group of very vibrant young professionals that are involved in this, which is exciting. What the concept has done is brought in a new, young segment of our fan base, and has narrowed the time frame, and also gives our staff more time to work on renewals," Farley pointed out.

Farley also praised Blue Raider coaches that assisted him in recruiting the cornerstones of the campaign, the individuals who will serve as the "Athletic Directors" for the different segments.

"Members of our coaching staff went with me on visits to help us recruit over three-fourths of our top campaign leaders, and we really appreciate their help in this. We have 15 teams involved, and we hope to have over 300 volunteers working those two days. Each athletic director has five coaches and each coach has five players. If they want to add more players, they can.

"Clint Marks has done a remarkable job pulling this all together. Not only can he quarterback and lead a football team, he can also coordinate a great volunteer effort."

One special incentive for a first-time member is receiving two reserved seats, sideline tickets for the 2011 football season for joining at the $250 level or higher.

Some great prizes are up for grabs for the most productive individuals. The top prizes are trips with the football team to away games with Tennessee or Purdue.

There is also a reserved parking spot for the 2011 football season if someone can beat long-time, multi-year winner Liz Rhea for the individual title. Sandra Stott was the top producer in 2010, but Rhea has won several times in recent years, and is always the favorite going in.

The membership drive will run on Wednesday and Thursday, April 20-21.

"People can still get involved and be a part of the campaign event," said Farley. "All they have to do is call our office and sign up, and we'll put them on a team."

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