Postgame Quotes from Today's 54-6 Win

November 3, 2001 · MT Media Relations
November 3, 2001
Middle Tennessee vs Arkansas State
Murfreesboro, TN

MT Head Coach Andy McCollum
"Every win is enjoyable, but to get where we are from where we started three years ago and win a championship, it couldn't be more special. I want the players to enjoy this, they deserve it and put the work in. You want to be part of a championship and set your goals for that, and to see your kids reach it is what [coaching] is all about. They have great work ethic and play with a sense of urgency, and represent this school and the Sun Belt Conference."

"This was a total team effort. I couldn't be more proud of the defense. Some guys stood up and we got some turnovers. We got to play a lot of people in the second half. [Defensively] we want to attack all the time, but some teams just don't let you. Sometimes they pick it up. Defensively we played with great effort. Sheldon Durham made some big plays and Randy Arnold had the first interception that got us rolling. Our kids prepared all week and this team is fun to watch."

MT LB Sheldon Durham
"The coaches give us good gameplans every week. We just have to execute. We didn't want anything to hold us down from getting a ring. We came out with attitude and emotion and played together as a team. We really came together. The first thing you always worry about with any team is the run. But they were in one-back sets and there's not a whole lot you can do in one-back. We just kept playing the run and then the pass."

MT WR Kendall Newson
"I've seen the good and bad with Middle Tennessee football. This makes my career bigger than without a ring. It's great to play on a team that won a ring, the first one. We played with the intensity of the Vandy game and the fourth quarter of the last game [vs. New Mexico State]. We played to win and everybody made plays. I have not done anything to this caliber ever before in my life."

On the North Texas game "We know we went there not prepared to play. We did that to ourselves. We have to go out and finish everything."

Arkansas State Head Coach Joe Hollis "They took their first drive and went 80 yards for a score. We took our first drive and had turnover. Simply put we knew we were going to have tgo play extremely well in all phases to have a chance to win. We knew they were talented we had to play our best. We know we've got talented players, but we had some that just didn't play up to their potential tonight."

"Hopefully we learn form this and go on. Their run game really spread us out. They've got two fine backs and are they are hard to contend with. Vertically down field we didn't do a good job catching the ball. Right now I'm just concerned about getting prepared for New Mexico State. We know we don't have a chance to play for the conference championship. It's out of our reach. Middle Tennessee has done a good job here and they know what they are doing.

On quarterback Tommy Miller: "He's really a gutsy football player. He gets a lot out of his talent. I don't ever worry about him preparing or being ready for a game."

Arkansas State Quarterback Tommy Miller
" They came out and hit us. We're going to be soar on the bus ride home tonight. You've got to give them credit. They were the better football team. We wanted to come out and attack them with short passes and then see if we could get our running game going. But they just didn't give us anything. I had a couple of balls I overthrew, and we had some drops out there. We couldn't get anything going. But we've got to stay focused and have a short memory about a game like this. We've still got the rest of the season to worry about . Even though we don't have a chance to play for the conference championship, we still want to come out for these next few ball games and see what we can do."

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