Jutson's Journal

November 23, 2011 ·


The Lady Raiders finished the second annual Blue Raiders challenge with a bang. This morning’s events were a mix between strength and speed. We participated in five events including, a jump rope race, a stadium run, a 100 yard prowler push challenge, a farmer’s walk challenge, and a plate carry challenge. Jordyn Fisherback and I concluded the competition with a fierce two mile race on the elliptical (Have to keep the pitching staff interesting).

In the end, the blue squad came out on top today and as the ultimate winner. The challenge was both tiring and challenging, but in the end fun. It was a perfect send off for the Thanksgiving Holiday.


While the rest of the MTSU campus was sleeping, the Lady Raiders softball team was competing in day two of the second annual Blue Raider challenge. Today’s competition consisted of 5 “strong man” events. These included tire flips, team tug of war, farthest med ball throw, consecutive number of pushups, and longest chin up hold. The black team proved no match for us as they beat us single handedly in three of the five events. They were dominant in tug of war, pushups, and chin up holds. Each event was worth 10 points and the black squad received an additional 25 points for winning the majority of the events.

This now brings our total to Blue: 120 Black: 80

The Blue Raider Challenge concludes tomorrow at 6am!


On a rainy and gloomy Monday, the Blue Raider challenge was kicked off to a great start. Day 1’s competition consisted of a team triathlon. Both teams had to choose 3 people for each running, biking and swimming event. For the running portion, the squads met at the Blue Raider track. Each team member had to run 1 half mile while switching after every lap. Nina Davenport, Nina Dever, and Bethany Jones where nearly uncatchable in the first win for team blue in the challenge.

The squads soon headed over to the weight room to mount the bikes, for what seemed to be a very agonizing challenge. The participants had to ride two one mile intervals while staying on level 15 resistance. As soon as people were done with their mile, they fell to the floor with exhaustion, only to realize they had to get up and do another mile sooner than later. The black team with Jordyn Fisherback, Kayla Toney, and Caitlin McClure, were biking champs as they single handedly beat the blue team by half a mile.

In the tie breaker challenge, aka swimming, the teams had to swim the length of the pool and back six times, with a break after the fourth set. The blue team comprised of me, Abbey Sanders, and Chelsea Good out swam the black team by comprising nearly a whole lap lead.

Each event was worth 25 points and a bonus 25 for whichever team won the most events. This brings our total to blue team with 100 points and black with 25.

Day two of the challenge will begin at 6am Tuesday.

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