Men's basketball summer notebook

Discussing the new practice rule with Bruce Massey

June 26, 2012 · Athletic Communications
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Coming off one of the most successful seasons in program history, members of the Blue Raider men’s basketball team have already set their sights on the 2012-13 campaign thanks to a new NCAA rule. The new rule has given collegiate basketball programs the opportunity to work out during the summer under the direction of the coaching staff, and Middle Tennessee has already taken advantage.

The rule states that "In men's basketball, a student-athlete who is enrolled in summer school may engage in required weight-training, conditioning and skill-related instruction for up to eight weeks (not required to be consecutive weeks). Participation in such activities shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours per week with not more than two hours per week spent on skill-related instruction. An individual who is not eligible to use the exception to summer school enrollment (Bylaw may participate only during the period of the institution's summer term or terms (opening day of classes through last day of final exams) in which he is enrolled."

GoBlueRaiders.com caught up with senior guard Bruce Massey to discuss MT’s workouts and what he’s been up to this summer.

What has the team been working on in practices and the weight room this summer?
We’ve been working on individual skill development. We have a new player and we’re trying to get him in the groove of things. We’ve shown him a couple new plays we ran last year and we have some other new plays we’re working on. In the weight room, we’re working on getting our strength up and trying to find our perfect playing weight.

How beneficial are these extra summer workouts going into next season?
It’s perfect this year because we have new players coming in and they can get familiar with the coaching staff quicker. We got familiar with them last year because we went to Canada, so we were lucky in that last season. With this new rule, the new players can get a feel for Coach Davis this summer.

Other than working out, what else have you been up to this summer?
Class. Workouts. Going to the pool. Staying up late.

What class are you taking?
Philosophy of coaching and officiating. It’s a nice little fun class. It tries to teach you how to be a good coach and handle different kids.

Have you been practicing those coaching skills on kids at camp?
I’m trying to. It’s hard with these little kids because they run around and their attention span is so short! But it’s fun.

I hear you guys play a lot of Spades during the summer. Who is your partner and how are you guys?
Usually Marcos (Knight). We’ve only lost once to Zane (Gibson) and Kerry (Hammonds). Besides that, we’re like 15-1. We’re the unbeatable Spades partners.

Who is better, you or Marcos?
Me. Marcos doesn’t know how to bid. He underbids…on purpose for some reason. He’ll have six and only bid two. He’s pretty good though.

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