Men's basketball summer notebook

Marcos Knight discusses the arrival of his brother

July 20, 2012 · @MTAthletics

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - As summer begins winding down, practices continue to heat up for the Middle Tennessee men’s basketball team. With the NCAA’s new rule allowing for a designated amount of summer team practices, the Blue Raiders have been working hard to build on last year’s NIT quarterfinal appearance. Senior guard Marcos Knight sat down to discuss practices and expectations for the upcoming season.

How have summer workouts been going and what have you been working on?
They’ve been going well. It’s been good to have the new guys here. It’s kind of been like last year right before we went to Canada. Everything has been going well in the weight room and Mark (Moore) is doing a good job.

For you personally, how’s it different his year not being one of the new guys?
I’m just trying to be more of a leader this year, be more vocal and help the new guys out. For me, it’s all about doing whatever I need to do to help my team win. Not necessarily score the ball, but if I need to defend the best player, I’ll do that. It’s all about winning to me.

What’s it like with your brother (Trantel) being here? Does it make you more competitive?
Yes, it does. We’ve played together all our lives and we always compete against each other. I always tell him I’m a better shooter than him, but he knows what I like to do. We played together at Middle Georgia and won our first ring together. We know each other like the back of our hands. It’s fun playing with him my last year here.

How’s he a different player than you?
He’s more of a pure point guard than I am. He can defend on the ball better than I do. He’s a great pick-up for us because Jimmy (Oden) left and he can pressure the ball like Bruce (Massey) does. He also is a team player.

Has it been fun to watch Trantel and Bruce defend each other in practice?
It’s been really fun. Both of those guys compete every day. Some days Bruce gets the best of him, and some days it’s the other way around. Those guys have been talking noise since they exchanged numbers this summer. It’s good that we’ve got people to compete in practice and even in pick-up games, they compete hard against each other.

You’re the returning leading scorer this year with LaRon Dendy’s departure. Do you feel any kind of pressure from that?
No, not at all. I just play the game of basketball and let it speak for itself. We have a lot of great scorers coming back. I don’t feel pressure at all. I just go out and play.

How important is it to you and this team to build off of what you started last year?
It’s very important. We don’t want to have a great year last year and then come back with a bad year. That’s why we work hard every day. We have six seniors and told each other we’re not going out on a bad note. We’re going to continue to be humble and work hard every day. Bruce and I say it’s our last year and we don’t want to leave any regrets on the court. We want to continue to build the MT program.

Bruce claimed himself as the best Spades player on the team. Who would you say it is?
Of course it’s me. Bruce is lucky to be on my team. Bruce and I are about 15-0, but Zane (Gibson) and Kerry (Hammonds) keep trying to beat us. They might have beaten us once, but I can’t recall. We have some other outsiders trying to beat us. But Bruce and I are on a roll right now because no one can beat us, so we’re going to continue to brag about it.

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