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August 22, 2012 · @MTAthletics


Oct. 26, 2012

Allison Stallard: Western Kentucky

I woke up really excited this morning. My family was in town and I went to breakfast with them at my favorite place in town. Then I sat through one pretty boring class, I couldn't sit still because I knew that in a few short hours I would be playing my last home soccer game ever, and competing for a sunbelt championship against a rival Western Kentucky. 

After pre-game meal and a short nap to get some energy, we left for the locker room. I walked in the locker room and saw that the underclassmen had decorated the locker room for us and had given us each a gift. I think it really hit me at that moment that this was what the last four years had been leading towards, as I read the notes that my friends and teammates wrote to me, I began wishing for more time on this team. 

We ran out for warm-up pumped and ready to go. It was pretty cold outside so we all wore our long-sleeve jerseys, which I love and will wear at any possible opportunity. The game started and we started out strong, I really thought we were going to get one in the first 5 min of the game. But we settled into the game and unfortunately Western scored on a long shot. I was proud of how our team reacted and continued to fight; it would only be so long until we got one of our own. The second half we came out even harder and fought harder until my fellow defender Charity had a long shot that hit the crossbar and went in too. The score was all tied up heading into overtime. We fought and had many opportunities to finish the game off, but we ended in a tie, which although it was disappointing we are still Sun Belt Conference Regular season co-champions. I would have liked to be the outright champions but I will settle for co-champions too. 

After the game, the six seniors met our families on the side of the field, next to our numbers that had been painted on the field for this game. It was so nice to have my brothers and parents out there to celebrate this night with me. It was freezing, but they stayed and watched anyway and came out with some new cold weather MTSU gear. We were given one of our jerseys and introduced to the crowd who stuck out the weather in order to honor our accomplishments and us. After the game, all of the seniors and our families met up in the new Student Union and watched a video thanking Aston for all that he has done for our class. It was a nice time to just hang out, just the six of us and our families, to celebrate the careers and that new friendships that we have gained here. It was an emotional night but made all the better with such a loving and supportive family, team, and coaching staff. 

Oct. 23, 2012

Jessica Gilchrist: North Texas

Well hey there y'all! 

This past week we played North Texas. Texas is my home state so I was ecstatic to fly back. The week started off great because Monday and Tuesday we didn't have classes due to fall break. To top it off we left Wednesday for the town of Denton, Texas. So, we did not have classes all week. We boarded the bus at 8:30am on Wednesday morning and headed to the airport. 

We flew to Houston first, stayed on the plane and landed at Dallas Love Field around 3:00pm. Once we gathered our bags we had a great lunch at Café Express. After finishing up, we drove to the hotel. It was fun knowing exactly where we were and seeing how much has changed since I was home last. We checked into the hotel and figured out who our roommates were. I had the honor of rooming with my awesome suitemate Paige Goeglein. After lying down for a few hours it was time to load the bus again for dinner. We ate at a sports grill called the Pourhouse. It was a little different because we had a room to ourselves. It was the chance for us to be our normal loud selves, but because we were so close to the coaches, no one really spoke. We finished up dinner and headed back to the hotel. I had a nice surprise when I got back, my mom and dad were there waiting for me! It was nice to have an hour or so to hang out with them. After talking with them, I headed up to my room and went straight to bed.

On Thursday, Paige and I woke up before our alarms because we had gone to bed so early. We walked down to the lobby for breakfast, and then got ready to leave for a walk through on the field. After jogging and stretching, Aston gathered us together to give a pre-game speech. It was very moving and got us hyped for the game. Once we were done, we all got on the bus and headed to eat lunch at a great sandwich place got Potbelly Deli. A few of the girls ordered smoothies due to the fact of how many times we were eating that day. Whitney ordered a strawberry smoothie and we heard about how amazing it was all day! Once everyone was done eating, we headed back to the hotel where we received our scouting report. It was time to get completely focused. We went back to our rooms and rested for about an hour and a half. Around 3:00pm, we had ANOTHER meal. McAlister's was delivered to the hotel for us. A lot of the team only ate half of their meal due to all the food they had already eaten. Game time was getting closer; it was now just 3 hours until kickoff.

5:45 p.m., all on the bus, headphones in, ready to go. We arrived at the stadium and headed to the locker room. We did our usual rituals, the coaches came in with the starting line-up, and it was time for warm-up. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Sun going down, crisp cool air, and a light breeze. From what I saw, everyone had a great warm-up and was more than ready to go. This was it, beat UNT, secure our 1st place spot in the league, and go into the last regular season game with a smile on our faces. This was our time. Or so we thought...

The whistle blew and they were down our throats from the start. We couldn't seem to get into a rhythm. We were not playing anywhere close to how we could have. Thirteen minutes in they scored. Not the way we wanted to start, but we were fine. We just needed to take a deep breath. Five minutes later after I tipped the ball into the cross bar, UNT was there for the rebound and made it 2-0. We huddled together on the field and just told everyone to calm down and that we were still in it, we just needed to play our game. Not even two minutes later they got a third goal. I think the whole team, including our coaches went in shock. We had not been down 3-0 in the first half all season. All we could now was battle, we couldn't let down. GG (also known as Regina Thomas) broke up the shutout in the 31st minute by not giving up on the play. Here we go, this is what we needed. With the momentum shifted to us now, Kate chipped the keeper from 35 yards out and cut the lead to only one. Having this momentum going into halftime is what our team needed. It wasn't over yet. The whistle blew for the start of the second half and it was time to go! After 45 minutes of all out play and a few scoring opportunities for us, the game ended 3-2. 

It was a hard game to lose. In all honesty, having a loss before going into the tournament humbled us a little. We have one more regular season game, which happens to be senior night. After a little help this past Sunday from Western, we still have the chance to win regular season and have the number one seed going into the tournament. Everyone should come out and support us this Friday, October 26th at 7:00pm for senior night! LET'S GO BLUE!!!!!!! WEAR BLUE FRIDAY! 

Oct. 15, 2012

Charity Blair: South Alabama

A typical Sunday game day always starts with a 'power' breakfast at Panera. We always get excited to hear that we are going to Panera, probably because their smoothies are so delicious! Not to mention very full of B-Vitamins, right Paige? Maybe that's why we had a huge burst to score two goals in under a minute. 

In the locker room before the game, there are certain pre-game rituals (some which I cannot tell) and songs that are played to get everyone pumped up. This weekend was a little different for us since it is 'Think Pink' month. Everyone showed their support with pink laces, pink nails, pink pre-wrap, pink everything! All of this made us want to work even harder for a win on behalf of those who have suffered from breast cancer or have been strong enough to survive. 

Despite the windy day in Murfreesboro, the game started off well for us with the wind in our favor for the first half. We had multiple opportunities created by our offense, but unfortunately were unable to put one away. Giving up a goal in the first half didn't disrupt our mentality to want to score. At halftime we all knew that we were capable of coming back out and scoring goals. And, indeed we did! Allison Stallard was able to score off a free-kick with the layoff coming from Paige G. After this goal everyone was so excited and pumped up, it was quite a weight lifted off our shoulders. I knew we were going to get another goal after the first one went in the goal. 

Like Coach Aston Rhoden said during half time, "When we get a goal, the floodgates are going to open and were going to get a couple more." I thought about that at the kick off after our first goal. Sure enough, Tori slotted one in off a rebound from the USA keeper. Not to mention, this was 25 seconds after the first goal. Yep, that's right, Blue Raiders are here to win! After the second goal I literally got chills from the burst of excitement, Emily Hartshorn can vouch for me. All of the sudden we were a goal up, making it 2-1, after trailing 0-1 to USA just one minute before. At that point it was all about managing the game, playing safe, and playing smart in order to claim the win. This win gives us an 8-0 record in the Sun Belt Conference. Step 8 completed. Boom. Let's keep it going ladies! M-T-S-U, MTSU, MTSU, GO RAIDERS GO!!!! (tag- Amalie Anderdal).

Oct. 9, 2012 

Ashley Roth and Bridget Hutter: Louisiana

After a long weekend in Florida we started the up coming Monday with a break from practice. Then we had practice on Tuesday, which the main focus was transition and finishing opportunities. We played one of our favorite games, "make-it, take-it." 

It's where when your team scores you get the ball back and have another chance to attack the goal. There were some tweaks to the rules though. 

1. If you shot and the ball did not go over the cross bar, you got the ball back and were able to attack again. 

2. If you scored a goal in less than 4 passes the goal counted double. This style of the game made us work on our speed of play and accuracy of goal scoring opportunities. 

This carried into our play during our game Sunday against University of Louisiana. Whitney Jorgenson took to a diving, risky, attempt to score off Regina Thomas' cross. 

Whitney also had the second goal of the game to solidify the victory against the Ragin' Cajuns and finish the weekend 2-0. Everyone worked really hard during practices to lead up to our success over the weekend and over the year. It showed in the games this past weekend because everyone was in sync and gave it their all. 

Traveling with the MT women's soccer team is no silent matter. You can always hear us coming. We get very hype when we win, I mean who doesn't! We like to dance in the subway, on the bus, and on the plane. We know how to have fun and we also know how to take care of business. Most of the girls had midterms coming up so when we were not celebrating a win, we were buckling down on our schoolwork. 

In all, MT soccer had an awesome and very successful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you at the next home games this coming weekend against Troy University and the University of South Alabama! This is Bridget and Ashley, over and out!

Kristina Turner: ULM

We left the stadium at 7:05 in the morning. We flew out of Nashville, into Atlanta, and from there to Monroe, Louisiana. 

Needless to say, it was an extremely long day. We had a great team meal at a place called Copeland's. It was Louisiana-style food. When we walked into the restaurant, there was an amazing smell of fresh cheesecake. Too bad we were not allowed to get any before a game. We were starving once we sat down, so hungry that the ceiling literally looked like a chocolate bar. It was worth the wait because our dinner was delicious. 

We then went back to the hotel where we all had the best night's sleep. The beds were seriously the most comfy things ever. 

Well rested, we awoke the next day prepared to play. With everyone's absolute focus, we received the scouting report on ULM. We knew we had some work to finish. We arrived at the fields ready to play. We scored the first goal right before the second half. With thirty minutes left in the match, ULM tied it up to make it 1-1. With some extreme hard work, our team pulled it together, finishing the game as a victory of 3-1. We had conquered the Warhawks!

After the match, we went to the MT Volleyball game against ULM. I am sure that the ULM fans hated us because we were so loud, but we did not care. After shouting the Fight Song thee million times, our volleyball team beat ULM 3-0! It was quite a night for MT athletics! We then loaded the bus and headed for the University of Louisiana.

Oct. 1, 2012 
Paige Terlizzi and Tori Hawkins: FIU/Florida Atlantic

We had to be at the bus at 7:30 in the morning, which was pretty early for some of the upperclassmen that don't have class until later in the day, but we drove to the airport.

The lines for the check-in and security were actually very short and we breezed through them. When we got in the airport we got to eat then we had to go to the gate to board our plane.

On the plane almost everyone fell asleep except for a select few. Regina and Kelsie decided to make embarrassing signs for everyone that fell asleep to show "what they were dreaming about". They also tricked a couple of teammates that were still awake. The flight crew was very nice and wished us luck.

After the plane ride we got on the bus and headed to the hotel. After we got to the hotel we headed straight out to dinner to this little Italian bistro. It was incredible! The waiter also told us that famous soccer players always go eat there because a few of them live right down the road.

After we got done eating we had to run onto the bus because there was no place for him to pull over. The next day we slept in and had breakfast whenever we pleased. Then we headed to the field for a walk though and to loosen our bodies from the plane ride.

The night came very fast. It was very humid and hot even though our game was under the lights. But we showed up and played very well. We also wanted to beat them because they were the team that took our Sun Belt title from us last year.

The game with FIU started off very well and we put two opportunities away and kept a hold of the game. During the second half they scored a goal and then we only had a 2-1 lead which is very scary and stressful. The last 25 minutes was probably the most stressful game I have ever been in! They just kept kicking the ball and making us feel very frantic. But all was clam after Whitney got fouled in the box and Charity scored on a PK. After that we controlled the game again and kept the lead and won the game 3-1. It felt so nice to beat the team that Sun Belt said was supposed to win the title this year.

After the game the coaches had to run into the store to get some water for us. For some reason everyone including the bus driver left us alone in the bus. So we decided to crank up the music and have a dance party while they were gone. It was a blast!

The next morning we had to partake in a pool recovery session. It was not fun. First we had to stretch on the ground with our favorite stretch bands. The sun was literally so bright that I could not even open my eyes and the humidity was so bad that we were working up a sweat just stretching. Next we got to go into the freezing pool to stretch. It felt nice at first since it was so hot outside but then it just became no fun. But overall, it helped us loosen up from the game we played the night before.

After we got finished, we headed toward FAU and into our beach-side residence at the Embassy Suites. It seemed like a rather long drive from place to place, but watching our football team beat Georgia Tech helped us soothe our whines and turn them into another round of sing-a-longs and fight songs for MTSU. Finally when we arrived at the beach front, we went and ate at Nick's Pizza parlor. The food took a lifetime to bake, but the portions were huge. Bri didn't know that, and ended up with a massive pizza to herself. After lunch we all finally headed to our ultimate destination, the beach.

Unfortunately we were only allowed 30 minutes of playtime because Aston said "the sun drains your energy." I feel like that is unfair because he has spent the majority of his life on the beaches of Jamaica, whereas the rest of us have actually had winter. Anyway we made the best of situation in the best way possible, and by that I mean we took a million photos. Now the whole web can see how beautiful our soccer tans truly are.

After our frolicking of the beach we left and ate another splendid dinner followed by yet another photo shoot at a Miami shopping center fountain.

The next day was finally game day. It was rather early due to it was 12:30 eastern time, which was 11:30 our time. Regardless, we came out on fire. We had 2 goals within 15 minutes. The first one was rebound of Paige's shot that was then finished by Kate Loye. The second was a cross by me (Tori Hawkins) to Whitney Jorgenson coming in on a beautiful run. We decisively kept possession of the ball, but began to slowly lose control of the game and eventually FAU snuck a goal in.

Still, we kept our composure until in the last second of the game called a penalty kick that FAU scored and we were thus thrust into sudden death overtime. We were so pumped that we put our energy into the game and won by a goal by Paige. From there we were rushed to get to the airport. Once we arrived and stood in a mile of security (Taylor Kirk stumbling because she realized she had liquid and Whitney getting pulled back because she had water) we safely made it onto our flight.

It was a tad bit awkward for we were on the same plane as WKU Soccer. As well there was a U-17 boys soccer team.
Of course on the ride home there was plenty of singing (even if we didn't know the lyrics) and then we received a gift. We got a day off.

So overall the hard work of the weekend paid off, and all got to drown in the rain of Murfreesboro.

Sept. 24, 2012
Brianna Jasenak: Arkansas State

This weekend we played Arkansas State University. The game against Arkansas State was in the afternoon.

It was a hot and windy day, however, not windy enough to make an impact on the game. We prepared for the game as usual by getting hype (adjective, meaning excited or pumped up) to music, singing, and dancing in the locker room before the game. However, when we stepped out on the pitch we all get super surreal (adjective, meaning serious). It was the moment we had been waiting for all weekend as it was our second conference game!

The game was intense and the crowd was crunk (adjective, meaning crazy). We were ahead at half 2-0. Kate Loye scored in the 38 minute and Emily Jorgenson assisted to Paige Goeglein with 2 minutes left in the half. In the second half, Arkansas State scored with 19 minutes remaining. After the opposing goal we picked it up and did not let down. The game ended up 2-1 in our favor, putting us 2-0 in conference making everyone stoked (adjective, super excited).

After our big win against ASU we went out to dinner at Applebee's. After dinner, we headed back home and made homemade popcorn and cookies and watched a movie. Overall, we had a great weekend! GO BLUE OR GO HOME. BLEEEED BLUUEEE!!!!

Kelsey Brouwer: UALR

The weekend of the Arkansas teams started on a great note. On Sept. 21, we were prepared for our first game of the Sun Belt Conference to play the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The team came out with a lot determination to win our first conference game and start the journey of our goal to be the conference champions. We completed that first step by shutting out the UALR Trojans 5-0.

After the game, we thanked the fans and signed autographs while visiting with our family and friends. 

Winning was great, but now we had to focus on the next step which was to win the second game of the weekend versus Arkansas State. So the next morning, the team was up early for the pool workout to recover. After the pool workout, we had our regular team meeting to discuss the game we had and the challenges that were ahead with the next team. 

After lunch, we proved to everyone that we are the stereotypical soccer players that can eat. We enjoyed some awesome dessert at a local bakery, Julia's. 

Overall, the UALR game was a good win and the weekend ended with two conference wins! Both the coaches and the players were happy with our performance and excited for the road ahead to win and be the Sun Belt Conference Champions. Let's go Blue Raiders!

Sept. 17, 2012 
Paige Goeglein: Memphis

This weekend we only had one game against Memphis on Sunday. It was kind of nice to have a Friday off and get some extra rest. We traveled to Memphis on Saturday after our morning walk through. The bus ride was uneventful with the majority of the people trying to get some homework done. Our hotel was pretty sweet. In the rooms, one wall was pretty much a window. My roommate Whitney Jorgenson decided to take a picture.

 For dinner, we went and ate at the Hard Rock on the famous Beale Street. We had a lot of fun and sang along to a lot of the songs they played. After dinner we headed back to our hotel to start getting ready for the game. On Sunday, we played a hard fought game, but came up just a little short. I was really proud of how our team fought and didn't give up. We learned some lessons from the game that we can apply going forward. The bus ride back began with a lot of sleeping, but after the first couple of hours people started to get restless. The highlight was when some of the players played a trick on Coach Whitworth. They told her they had cookies and that they were in the overhead storage on the bus. When she opened it Jorg (Emily Jorgenson) popped out and scared her and Whitworth got a little freaked out to say the least. Don't worry she still got her cookie. Now we are looking forward to conference play and look to achieve our goals for this season! We are ready to take the Sun Belt! Go Blue!

Sept. 11, 2012 
Emily Hartshorn: Belmont

September ninth was a warm day with a cool breeze in the Boro. It was starting to feel like fall and was also some perfect soccer weather. We, the MTSU Women's Soccer team, started off the day with breakfast at Panera. I got a cinnamon crunch bagel with plain cream cheese and a fruit parfait on the side. This is my usual morning meal when we go to Panera. It's the perfect combo of sweetness, carbs and fruits.

After our delicious and filling meal we went to have our pre-game meeting. We looked at the scouting report for our upcoming opponent, Belmont, and discussed our keys to victory for the game. This meeting was much longer than we all hoped, like it usually is, which resulted in the shortening of our naptime. I still managed a nap, luckily, before heading to the Dean A. Hayes Soccer and Track Stadium. We did our usual warm up routine and the game began promptly at 1pm central time.

As a lot of our frequent spectators know, the team has a habit of going hard and scoring goals during the first fifteen minutes of games. We have done this in multiple games, but then end up "taking our foot off the gas" as our coach likes to call it, for the remaining time of the that half. Both of these things that seem common for us as a team did not happen in the Belmont game. Although we came out hard and did not give up any goals, the first fifteen of the half was not our best. We could not keep the ball on the ground and it seemed to be a little game of kick ball, but after time went on we started playing our game and got the ball on the ground.

It was in the middle of the first half when we started possessing and getting more opportunities on goal. After getting the ball down the field Regina, or as I like to call her: La Gina, scored our first goal! We kept up the possession and hard work and this gave us good momentum going into the second half. We knew that Belmont wouldn't just give up and that they would keep putting up a fight, so we came out of the second half wanting more goals. It did become a bit frantic at times, but once again after we settled down and played our possession-oriented game we scored two more goals.

We fought through the rest of the game and came out with our second win for that weekend. Coming out with two wins in one weekend makes our coaches very happy and this is always good when going into the upcoming weeks practices! After the game, I went to an early dinner with my fellow teammates Jessica Gilchrist, or as we like to call her Ginger Jess, and Alli Stallard, who also goes by Al-Stall. Me, Jess and Al always go to post game meals together and this time we decided on Chili's for dinner. It was delicious as usual and a nice way to unwind from the game before having to go back and do our homework, of which we were all avoiding. The time finally came after dinner and we all went back to our apartments to study, like the good students we are.

Overall, it was a good day for the MTSU Women's Soccer team and it put us in a good position and with positive momentum for our upcoming game this Sunday against Memphis. We were all happy with the result and are ready to keeping getting those W's! GO BLUE RAIDERS!

Katinka Stenberg and Amalie Anderdal: Tennessee Tech

Da var det våres tur til å blogge, og siden vi er nordmenn velger vi å skrive blogginnlegget vårt på norsk. Det er tross alt mye lettere enn å skrive på engelsk, og det går også mye fortere!

Just kidding, we also know English, at least enough so that our teammates and our coaches understand what we are saying (at least we hope they do ).

According to senior Regina Thomas all we say is "huh", but to be honest, I think our vocabulary is a little bit bigger than that! Well, it is probably time to talk about the game we played against Tennessee Tech on Friday, so here we go!
We left the soccer stadium around Noon; everyone was all excited and ready to bring a win back home.

We had our pregame-meal on the bus, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. We arrived in Cookeville one and a half hour later, we got off the bus and walked to the locker room and everyone was really surprised when they saw how small it was. That was a new experience for the two of us, usually in Norway locker rooms are big, but we all got in there and we started preparing for the game. After some time we went out on the field ready for our warm-up. It was extremely hot out today (yes, Norway is cold, we usually never see the sun). We started the game, and the first 15 minutes were strong. We created a lot of chances, and also scored two goals within these minutes.

Senior Whitney Jorgenson netted the first one, and only a minute later freshman Tori Hawkins scored when she chipped the ball to the right of the goalie, off a great cross from senior Regina Thomas. Later on in the half we gave up a goal on a corner kick, and we went to half time with a 2-1 lead. Five minutes out in the second half The Golden Eagles score again, and the game is tied.
Two minutes later we scored again, when senior

Allison Stallard took a free kick, and senior Paige Goeglein finished and scored after some help from another senior, Whitney Jorgenson. We were fighting for the rest of the game, and we ended up winning the game 3-2. This was not our best performance, but we finished with one more goal than Tennessee Tech and at the end of the day that is what matters, especially when we are on the road.

After we had showered, we got on the bus to go out for dinner. We went to Logan's Roadhouse, and we got an experience we will never forget. They have a concept that they serve peanuts (in shells) on all tables; you can probably call it an appetizer. After you have cracked the shell, you just throw the shell on the floor! When the girls on the team started to throw the shells around, we were almost shocked, but eventually we took part in this special, but very fun activity. Crazy Americans, that is for sure. Glad we were not the ones that had to clean up.

Everyone was without a doubt in a good mood on the way back home to Murfreesboro, including our head coach Aston. He is from Jamaica (which he keeps reminding us of). When everyone was really ready to take a nap, he decided to blast the music with some reggae music, and a lot of the girls took part in the dancing that was going on in the aisle. We eventually convinced him to switch to more "normal" music, and the rest of the trip home went by fast with singing, dancing and laughter.

When we arrived at the stadium we turned in laundry before we went back to our apartments, and we were all happy that we brought the win with us back home. That was all for now, bye bye from the two Norwegians on the team!

Sept. 4, 2012 
Kelsey Branstetter: ETSU

After a tough game on Friday, all of us looked forward to redeeming ourselves on Sunday against another in-state rival.

Many of you may not know this, but ETSU's coaching staff were all part of the MTSU family at one point: Adam Sayers was an assistant coach and Debs Brereton were assistant coach, while former player Laura Lamberth graduated last year.

Although we all were excited to see them again, there is no greater feeling then relishing a triumph over your older siblings and this was no exception.

As usual, we had early team breakfast and everyone was happy and extremely talkative. I'm going to apologize now for anyone who was trying to study at a normally serene location this morning. We were a bit loud.

Once breakfast was over the team met up with Coach Aston and could tell he was energized and pumped for this game. Upon warming up for the game, our giggles flew out the door and our game faces came on. The vibe was evident that everyone was ready to play and wanted to win this game.

The whistle blew for the start of the game and that's when all of our pent up excitement was released. We jumped into the game moving the ball around and within the first 20 minutes we had three shots on goal and three goals, a perfect shooting average.

Oh ya, we were definitely excited for this game. At that point the route was on, everyone was willing to play with and for each other to have fun and come out on top. When the official time came to an end, the scoreboard read East Tennessee 1 - Middle Tennessee 7. We had accomplished our goals: connect quickly, get behind the ball, and have fun winning as a team.

On the field tempers were raised and emotions heightened, but after that final whistle we were no longer rivals trying to best each other we were old friends being reunited. Everyone, from players to coaches, was giving hugs, laughing, and talking. This game was not one between enemies but between family and it was prevalent throughout the entire weekend.

Whitney Jorgenson: Vanderbilt

Friday night under the lights and a blue moon (last one you will see for another three years) was a beautiful set up for our game against Vanderbilt.  The last time I got to play the Commodores was last year during pre-conference and it was a heartbreaker, losing 1-0. This was going to be our year to get that game back. Since that didn't happen I chose to express my feelings through a poem to soften out my emotions from the game. Enjoy.

Walking through campus we are easy to find
All wearing bright yellow shirts become a walking sign (we have a game today!)
Friends and teachers show their support
MTSU Soccer is a true blue sport

The day went slow and night came too fast
This was a game we all wanted to last
1,092 people were all there to cheer
Here at our home field we had nothing to fear

We started off well like we always do
But 20 minutes in we went a little coo coo
From forwards, mids to D
We all wanted that goal out of our memory

It wasn't too much longer until we were under
The second goal hit us like rain and thunder
We walked off the field with a feeling of regret
Our expectations, goals, and objectives were not met

The final score was hard to swallow
Much like an extra large marshmallow
Even that joke would not make you laugh
Seeing the way we played that second half

Our team is still young and the season is early
There is a lot to learn but we are in no hurry
ETSU is our next opponent
I know my team will come together and we will OWN IT!

Aug. 28, 2012
Emily Jorgenson and Taylor Kirk: Alabama A&M

Being freshmen, Emily Jorgenson and I, Taylor Kirk, don't quite know how to do things efficiently around MTSU. However, when we attempt these new challenges, we make a good team. Therefore, I will be writing half of this "blog" and let Em tap in and takeover. Since we have the first blog we basically get to talk about all of preseason, but we will just touch base on a few events that have happened, otherwise this would be quite lengthy.

To begin with, our preseason fitness tests were fun. Obviously, by looking at our different physiques when compared to each other, I was able to do more pushups and sit-ups. Unfortunately though, she is a Jorgenson and with that being said, Em definitely out ran me.

After training in the summer with Whitney and Charity, we learned how to set goals for ourselves. Ultimately, our main goal was to make sure we were not lapped by either of them. Whitney is "insane" according to Emily on the accounts of being able to run forever, as Charity is right there with her. Needless to say, we accomplished our goals during preseason!

We were given our ½ gallon jugs to make sure we stay hydrated. Not only did we constantly drink from them to keep the cottonmouth away, but we also got crafty and played some hydration games! I have never been so full of water in my entire life.

Our freshman summer classes were coming to an end as preseason was officially starting. Ashley Roth and I had speech class together. We made a bet of who could drink the ½ gallon of water fastest during our final. Every time I would stop my test to take a drink, Ashley did too. Gulp after gulp, after gulp, we chugged the water and one by one, our classmates began to look up at us. We then realized the timing of our bet wasn't the best, however, when there is a challenge on the line, I'm not going to back down. Sadly, Roth finished her final first, but I won the ½ gallon challenge and we both came out with an A on the final. Hydrated and a solid A? I'll take it!

I'm tapping in. It's Emily here! Since Taylor covered the main points of preseason I am going to cover the games we have played thus far. We won both of our exhibition game, and then the following game against Jacksonville State. Ole Miss was our first loss of the season and it sure was a tough one. I think everyone of us were disappointed about the outcome of the game, simply because we knew we could have done better. First half we were very confident in the way we were playing. On the contrary, second half looked like a completely different game.

Even though Ole Miss was a loss, we got a lot out of the game. Obviously one of the things we need to work on as a team is defending restarts, considering they scored all three goals on restarts. So that's exactly what we did. We have been working on defending corners, defending restarts around the perimeter of the eighteen-yard box, and just defending in general. Therefore, I say we replace one of our goals of being "undefeated at home" to "No goals against off of restarts" since we learned through team bonding that it is okay to adjust your goals. 

Our most recent game was Alabama A&M, which had an extremely different outcome to say the least. We won 10-0. Nuff said. We had a variety of people scoring our goals. Which is great because we are strong all around the field. S/O to Bridget for her assist that was not posted online! Also I almost had my first goal of the season! Exciting right? Nope not when it's on your own goal. Thank you Jess for saving my butt and I promise it won't happen again! I'll end on that note. Over and Out. 

Aug. 22, 2012
Regina Thomas: Jacksonville State

First overnight trip of the season! It was to Jacksonville, Ala., against the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. Away games also mean locker buddy gifts. This is kind of like secret Santa for our team where everyone has a person on the team that they secretly have to get gifts for that fit their likes (or dislikes) and sometimes inside jokes. The best gift of this trip was Kelsey Branstetter's gift. At practice earlier this week, Aston made a funny comment toward Kelsey about being a princess, and it became a running joke for the week. Her locker buddy decided to keep the joke going by getting her all Disney princess themed items including a giant balloon, little girls underwear, and a toy pink mirror that tells the princess how pretty she is! Kelsey couldn't help but laugh and shake her head at her gift.

Now it's game time. This game was a great start to our season. We looked good as a team and overall played a complete game with a 2-0 win. Paige Goeglein had our first goal of the season off of a corner kick (which is always a bonus point for our team!), then Amalie Anderdal had her first collegiate goal to give us our 2 goals of the game. I was proud of our team for coming out and performing well in our first official game! That's all for now, until next time...

Kelsie and Spencer Roberts: Ole Miss
Hey everyone, your favorite Canadians here, Kelsie and Spencer Roberts! This is our first time writing for the MTSU blog, so we hope you can all understand our Canadian "accents." Just bear with us eh! 

Well, all in all this weekend was a pretty interesting one. It all began with our Saturday team dinner at Marina's. You see the upperclassmen saw this as an opportunity to play a prank on all the freshmen. Regina Thomas and Charity Blair, two of the teams seniors, asked Whitworth to send out a text to the team telling us that Aston would like everyone to dress up for tonight's team dinner. Regina then sent a text to all of the seniors and sophomores on the team telling them to ignore that text from Whitworth because it was just a prank on the freshmen and that the upperclassmen should still show up to the team dinner wearing regular MT soccer gear. The two seniors even went as far as to stage an upperclassmen meeting to get the rest of their fellow upperclassmen out of their apartments without the freshmen noticing they were not dressed up. Everything worked out perfectly! All the freshmen were so upset with us for making them spend all this time getting dressed up, but they were all good sports about it and were able to laugh about it with us! Did we mention it was also Tori Hawkins' birthday?? Happy birthday Tori! 

The following day the good times continued with a little bit of a bizarre set up for a Sunday game day! Now, when we say bizarre we definitely do not mean it in a bad way. You see, on typical Sunday's we get up early (at least in my books) and have breakfast together, followed by individual position meetings and play the game shortly after. Typically, we are all finished with soccer busyness before dinner time, but not last Sunday. Last Sunday we had a delightful and much needed sleep-in, I would call it the highlight of my Sunday. After catching up on our z's I got to drive my roommates to lunch. Yup that's right I drove and despite what one miss Ashley Roth may think, Canadians drive on the same side of the road as Americans!!! Anyhow, after safely chauffeuring my roommates to and from lunch we all had a little bit of down time. I think most the team took advantage of this time to relax and prepare themselves for our upcoming match vs. Ole Miss. 

When 3 p.m. finally rolled around, our team met up at Puleos for our pregame meal and this time everyone was wearing their MT gear. What's nice about Puleos is they give us assigned seats and they decided to put us both (Spencer and Kelsie) at Whitney Jorgenson's table. There is never a dull moment when spending time with my good friend Whitney, and Sunday was no different. She got our entire table to shuffle everyone's name tag and play "guess who" with them. Basically we would pull out a name from the pile without looking, while the others got to act out the mannerisms of the player's name on the tag. We may have just made it sound more complicated than it is... but it was pretty fun I promise. 

Finally, after dinner the position meetings began and people slowly showed up for game time. We all get ready to our usual tuneskies but being that Saturday was Tori's birthday, we threw in a little extra jam just for her! Then all together we marched out to the field and began the game. Unfortunately, our opponents scored first, however, we answered right back! With some quick passing down the field Regina laid a beautiful ball across the face of the goal and Paige Goeglein made no mistake punching the ball into the back of the net. Though the team fought hard the entire game, we came up two goals short in the end. A disappointing turn out but as boss man pointed out, this is a marathon and not a sprint. We have a couple things to work on but nothing that can't be fixed. I'm sure we are not alone when we say this loss only has us wanting the W even more this coming Friday! Well that's all we have to talk about for now, hope you enjoyed the inside scoop. See y'all Friday... EH! 

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