Raiders preparing for key SBC game vs ULM

Kickoff is 2:30 PM on the Sun Belt Network

October 2, 2012 · @MTAthletics

RICK STOCKSTILL QUOTES: We are coming off of an exciting win last week, but we have to put that one behind us, we practiced Sunday, and yesterday (Monday) was our day off, and now we are ready to go back to work. We are playing a really good football team, Louisiana-Monroe. They have had great success this year in beating Arkansas, going into overtime against Auburn, going to the wire against Baylor and beating Tulane pretty good last week.

Their quarterback is really good, and we'll have to do a tremendous job of containing him. He's a dangerous runner as well as a passer and he has really good skill people around him.

Defensively, ULM is fast and athletic. They blitz a lot. They probably are not as big as Georgia Tech, but they will blitz us probably 40-50 percent of the time. We have to be ready to handle that. And, as always, you have to be disciplined and sound in the kicking game.

ULM knows how big this game this weekend is, and our players know how big it is. It's their first conference game and our second one.

(On preparing for ULM after coming off a big win at GaTech): I told our team Sunday that they are going to get a lot of pats on the back because it was a great win, and they deserve them. But I also told them that you can't swallow the praise, you have to have blinders on and focus on your objective. You can't swallow the praise or it will kill you.

We have a good football team with a great attitude, and they are focused on what is ahead, and they understand that Ga. Tech is behind us, that we aren't going to get to add some points on the scoreboard this week just because we beat Ga. Tech. It all goes back to how you prepare each week. You can't get too high, you can't get too low, you have to have a 'one-game-at-a-time' mindset. Ga. Tech was no more important than the Memphis game, or this weekend. You can't emphasize one game more than another, it has to be one step at a time, and right now, this ULM game is the most important game on the schedule. It will be a big game, a huge game, but no more emphasis will be placed on it than was placed on Ga. Tech.

(On Kolton Browning): Browning is going to have a lot more rushing yards that Logan (Kilgore) will. They are throwing the ball more than we are. I don't know how much flexibility that Coach Berry gives Browning, but I know what we have done, and Logan is doing a great job of directing our offense. He has been very, very consistent, and when he has a bad play, he does a great job of putting it behind him.

(On Anthony Amos): He has been very consistent. He makes the plays he is supposed to make, and he makes the plays that are spectacular. It goes back to the way he practices. You can't have success on the game field if you don't practice hard.

Were you surprised by Benny Cunningham's performance vs. Ga. Tech? No, I am not surprised. Last year, he started as a junior, then broke his foot in the fourth game and missed several games. He came back and played a little in the last couple of games. Then he hurt his shoulder in the first game this season, and misses the second half, and missed the FAU game. He had a pretty good game against Memphis, but he hurt his shoulder and we didn't know if he was going to be able to play last week until Thursday. He is still not 100 percent.

If you are a great athlete, you have to be patient. We live in a 'micro-wave" world with instant gratification, but If you are in athletics, it doesn't happen that way. There is a time process, a developmental process, that you have to go through. Benny is one of the hardest workers that I have ever been around, whether we are in shorts or full pads, whether it's in January at 5 am, or in the weight room. He's got a tremendous work ethic, and that is a credit to his family and how he has been raised.

We have a sign in the locker room about treating every game the same. If we play well, we ignore the well-wishes and praise, and if we lose, we also ignore the negative comments. We have to remain focused and get ready for the next game, either way, good or bad. It goes both ways. - QB Logan Kilgore

QUARTERBACK LOGAN KILGORE:  We have a sign in the locker room about treating every game the same. If we play well, we ignore the well-wishes and praise, and if we lose, we also ignore the negative comments. We have to remain focused and get ready for the next game, either way, good or bad. It goes both ways.

(On relationships with other QB's in the Sun Belt): My relationship with a lot of the other quarterbacks is mostly during non-conference games. I want our teams to go beat all the non-conference teams they can. (Ryan) Aplin from Arkansas State texted me after the game and said 'Great job; great win for the Sun Belt'. As far as Browning is concerned this week, I am just focused on my job, and he's focused on his. He threw nearly 60 times against Arkansas, because that is what he had to do help win the game. And I need to focus on what I have to do to help us win the game.

When you are running the ball the way we are running the ball, you just want to keep that going. We have a lot of good receivers, and our young offensive line is also experienced, and they are playing maybe above their age group. And as every coach will tell you, 'If it's not broke, don't fix it.' We were running the ball very well, and we threw some quick stuff to keep the defense on their heels. I will do that however many times they need me to. There are many ways to move the ball, and we'll do whatever it takes to win.

When we went down to Ga. Tech, I thought it would be a shootout, and I'd have to throw the ball 40-50 times. We didn't know how many possessions we'd get. Coach Faulkner is really disciplined. If they are going to do this, then we'll switch and do that. We haven't gotten away from anything, it's just that the first four games have presented more rushing opportunities.

How many times did you watch Anthony Amos' TD catch?: I watch SportsCenter every night, and I've watched his catch several times. But I have seen it before, in practice. In fact, he did it again on Sunday. It's what he does. He makes great plays. Like Coach Faulkner says, he makes the plays that we need for him to make. He also blocks and does everything else we need him to do.

CORNERBACK KENNETH GILSTRAP: When we beat Maryland up there three years ago, we came back the next week and played North Texas. I learned that you had to forget that game in a hurry and put your focus on getting ready for a conference game. We have to work hard in practice this week because if we don't play well and win again, then people will say we are 'has-been's' and that is something we don't want to be. So we will come back to practice and give it our all.

(On Kolton Browning): I respect him because he knows how to keep drives going. If his team needs a first down, he knows how to make that play. That is the big thing he does well.

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