Hyder's Highlights: Raiders move to group workouts

New Irrigation System to be installed at Reese Smith Field

November 5, 2013 · @MTAthletics

Student assistant Aaron Hyder recaps the Raiders' transition into group work for the fall.


Team practice is now over and from now on it will be mainly individual work with a few team sessions mixed in. This transition adds a few different variables to the players schedules. The guys will now spend more time in the weight room. This is the strength phase of the fall where Head Strength coach Matt Riley will bulk up the guys. During the team practice period, the team would often get two lifts in per week, but now they will bump up to four days per week.

Friday morning workouts will now become a regular and they feature the 'County Fair.' The County Fair is held within the confines of Floyd Stadium and anything is fair game. On Friday, the team's County Fair included exercises such as tire flips, sledgehammers and heavy rope movements along with some conditioning.


The blueprints for the new irrigation system have been laid out. Two days after fall practice concluded, an irrigation company came out and began work on the project. This will be the first ever full makeover to the irrigation unit at Reese Smith Jr. Field. I'm no grounds crew aficionado, but I would imagine this will make it a lot easier for the field to be kept in tip-top shape for this spring and many years to come.


This week, Head Coach Jim McGuire held meetings with every player on how their fall went. These are great for the players because it lets them know where they stand after their performance for the past several weeks. Coach McGuire is able to point out to them what areas they excelled in and what they need to work on. Coach Hall and Coach Meade also meet with the players pertaining to their positions.


Also last week, several players went to Discovery School to speak to some students. It's always great to see guys to give back to our community. The guys on the team are very blessed to be in the situation they are. At times, sometimes we get caught up in our problems and do not realize how well we have it. So, it's very pleasing to see guys understand the impact they can have on younger kids and making the most of that opportunity.

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