Hyder's Highlights: The Omaha Challenge begins

Raiders continue group workouts

November 18, 2013 · @MTAthletics

This week, student assistant Aaron Hyder talks about the Raiders group workouts and the beginning of the Omaha Challenge.

Group Workouts

I've returned from my hiatus to bring you the last couple of pieces of Hyder's Highlights. The last two weeks the Blue Raiders have been pretty busy.

The players have been participating in some group workouts the past two weeks. The position players have their weeks divided up into two portions. Two days out of the week, they have group defensive sessions. The infielders receive fungos from Coach Jim McGuire, while the outfielders work with Coach Scott Hall. The defensive sessions are pretty high paced and involve a lot of action.

The remaining two days are used to focus on hitting. The coaches throw batting practice to several different groups throughout the day working on different aspects of their game. Players are only allowed to spend two hours per week with coaches for instruction. Each session lasts 30 minutes. So, each player gets two defensive and hitting sessions per week.

The pitchers are the same way; they are only allowed to have two hours of instruction per week. The schedule varies for different guys who have thrown different amount of innings throughout the fall and previous summer. But for the most part, each guy throws about four times a week.

Coach Skylar Meade does a good job of keeping the guys on their heels and presenting new throwing activities. Most of the guys have been throwing bullpens once a week since fall practice convened. This is where the catchers get their defensive work. They catch all the bullpens and work on the stuff they need to. The bullpens are usually around 30-40 pitches and each guy has something specific to work on for their session.

Signing Day

Last Wednesday was a big day for the Blue Raider baseball program. Eight players signed their National Letters of Intent to play baseball in the 'Boro. Of the eight players, four of them hail from the Volunteer State. Three out of the eight are junior college guys that should have a chance to step in and fill some shoes from this year's graduating class.

Coach McGuire and his staff held a get together for some loyal fans Wednesday night in the press box. It was just an informal event that gave out some information on all the guys that signed their NLI. We had some wings, chicken tenders, and fruit for the finger picking part.

Omaha Challenge

The guys started up the Omaha Challenge this past week. The guys are split up into four teams, led by the seniors on the team, and all the teams have unique names. Each event includes various strength and conditioning contests and has a certain amount of points up for grab. The challenge is spread out over seven event days.

On Thursday, the four teams competed in a three lap race up and around the Murphy Center. On Friday morning, the squads competed in several different categories. There was a pull-up contest, a push-up contest, and a plank hold.

After Friday, the standings are as follows. 1. Dirty Mike's 2. Team USA 3. Paul's Pals 4. Chin Music Orchestra. In my opinion, team number two might need to be a little bit more creative with their name if they want to compete for this title. Personally, my frontrunner for the Challenge is the Chin Music Orchestra. Yeah, they haven't gotten off to a hot start, but just wait and see. We'll be talkin to ya.

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